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2012, Get The Real Truth

Updated on February 13, 2012

2012 Get The Real Truth

What's with all these alarms about another big bang shattering the world in 2012? If you can prove that the big bang theory is correct, then 2012 will be the end of existence. Since you can’t prove anything with FACTS, then 2012 will be just like 2002. This time, there won’t be another bush and blair planning an atomic war against Iran.

Since there is all this deception, people have to always search and search and search until they are convinced that they have discovered the truth. But have you? I don’t think so. Because if you still have people going all over the world talking about the doom that’s pending in this year of 2012, you know that something is wrong.

The question then is, how did these people come up with their false conclusion? Well they say that it’s evident in the Mayans calender. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Well how did the Mayan calender come about? That is the real question to ask. Who prepared the Mayan calender? How did the Mayans come up with the code that they base their calender on?

To find the answers you have to go way back in the past. But before we do that Lets briefly explore the symbolism of 2012. Look at this image where we have the numbers 10 0 01 0 01 101 1. Examine the image. What structure is it and why are those numbers written? For a detailed explanation contact Professor MOmOH at

2010 Precedence

The main thing you have to know about this 2012 code is that you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by those who have very little or no factual information at all. That’s the reason why what Professor MOmOH presents is extremely relevant. You have to know the basics from which things happen.

In a court of law when your lawyer presents your case to the judge your lawyer has to argue with precedences. Is there a precedence to this 2012 event. The precedences are the events that happened in the past. The judge will then determine the case base on precedences laid out to the court.

In the Universe we also have to have precedence. What is the precedence to this 2012 scenario? The precedence to 2012 definitely has to be 2010. That is what the numbers in the picture represent. They represent January 10th 2010 and October 10th, 2010.

In order to understand the numbers in the first picture you have to understand the numbers in this next picture. This image is about the binary code system. This is the system that makes your computer run. This is the system that enables all the worlds technology. How did this system come about?

Binary Code

Professor MOmOH will walk you through the whole scenario step by step so that you will understand the factuality of the 2012 code. This 2012 code that has everyone running around thinking that the world will come to an end in 2012.

Question, this 2012 calender that all you people talk about and that the Mayans claim, who set it up? Don’t know? It was set up by the Vai people of Sierra Leone, West AfRAka. Professor MOmOH’s people. The same people also inhabit the regions of Guinea and Liberia, West AfRAka.

These are the same people who once inhabited KMT(Egypt) at the time when the persians and assyrians started to invade AfRAka to try to destroy AfRAkan civilizations. But of coarse they did not because our brothers the Kushites who invented the Montu Arts or what you call Martial Arts went and fought back against the invaders.

The Kushites are the Somalians and the Sudanese. They tried their best to fight back the persians but once the situation got bad the Vai said they refuse to be ruled by foreigners so they left. In KMT there was also the Tellem people, who later became the Dohgon. They also left KMT at the same time.

While the Tellem people settled in West AfRAka, it was the Vai people who traveled further and came to the Americas. The Vai built the Olmec civilization in Central and South America and they ran that civilization for almost 2000 years. That’s right, AfRAkans ran the Olmec civilization for almost 2 thousand years or so.

From between 1500 to 2000 years the AfRAkans ran the civilization until their numbers began to diminish. The native population rose to out number them until eventually the natives took over from them. The natives, the Mayans and the Aztecs, did not fully understand that the science that the AfRAkans used was based on base 20 mathematics.

The binary system that you see here is based on base 20 mathematics. Now ask any mathematician and they will tell you that there is a limit to base 20 arithmatic. There is a certain point when it will eventually convert to binary arithmetic. That’s why we have this base 2(bindary) arithmetic that you see here.

The key to deciphering the code is revealed when we combine it with Dohgon base 8 arithmetic. Professor MOmOH has deciphered the code. He has determined that the true date for global catastrophe will be 2042. But there will not be complete destruction such as human extinction. Electromagnetic radiation will wipe out all technology, That means anything that operates on electricity will not function, basically throwing humanity back to the stone ages.

The event will usher in the new age of Aquarius. The key player in all this is the star Sirius A. If you want to know more about this then just contact Professor MOmOH and he will provide a DVD that will explain everything in detail.


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