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Unusual Weather Patterns or Cyclical: Weird Weather After 2012

Updated on April 29, 2014

Astonishing weather control possibilities

Is the time of the end at hand? Are weather signs in the galactic heavens and upon the face of the Earth pointing to a prophetic era in our existence on this planet? Odd weather has been the center of watercooler conversations more than ever before since 2010. What many people are not privy to is that humans have been scientifically studying weather manipulation heavily since World War II. Russia blamed the U.S. government for the record heatwave, drought and forest fires they suffered during the summer of 2010. What? Sounds like these governments know of some experiments that we don't. Were the loss of life and crop damage in Pakistan along with flooding in the year 2010 a natural occurrence and not one created by deliberate tampering with weather patterns? One could lose all hope in humanity if such control was used for weaponry.Information on weather tampering can be found in the book 'They Imagine a Vain Thing' available through

After Hurricane Sandy, our latest phenomenon of a mega storm, the winter of 2013 has shown us a variance in weather predictability unseen in this tech-filled society. And the Spring of 2013 has shown us a roller-coaster-type change in temperature and weather related events.

The Great Quake of Japan damaged nuclear power plants, releasing weather altering radiation which traveled eastward over North America; radiation that effects weather, ecology and living organisms in a myriad of ways. Have they secured these dangerous leaks of radiation into our atmosphere? And Micro radio waves, heavy frequency migration through electronic use we bombard ourselves with everyday. Is there a threshold that can alter natural weather occurrences? You've got greenhouse gases and volcanic eruptions that also affected our atmosphere; wildfires and its smoke - a quagmire of events all coming together at once starting with the Great Oil Spill in the gulf. As Earth's inhabitants, we are automatically environmentalist and can't dismiss these events and accompanying circumstances.

The movie '2012' depicts the awaited date declared by the Mayan calendar as a day of catastrophe and destruction when the weather, stars and planets do odd things. (Remember now that asteroids, drought, wildfires and heatwaves have always occurred in the history of our world but the frequency of these events should be under question.) Since the Great Crossing of our Sun through the Great Rift of our Milky Way Galaxy, our odd weather patterns have continued as they always have. So the impact of the astronomical event of 12/21/2012 has neither worsened or lessened our planets weather tirade.

I would like to suggest that our planet's destructive weather demonstrations is its way of crying and screaming to us the woes of our lifestyles that effect our weather everyday. Somehow, in some odd, miraculous way, this "rock' we call home is "alive"... and she is running for her life... running from greed, hatred, EGO(Edging GOD Out). The Bible says that, "Creation groans, awaiting the manifestaion of the Sons of God." So let us cease to delay the Creator from taking his rightful place on his throne of this planet by first giving him the seat of the throne in our hearts.


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