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25 More IELTS Speaking Tips

Updated on June 14, 2013

25 More IELTS Tips

IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below are some sample questions and answers for this topic.

26. Use “used to” when talking about the past

27. Use “would” instead of “will” for hypothetical questions

28. Simple vocabulary is ok if you want a 5 but if you need a 6.5 or higher you would need to learn some synonyms for simple words.

29. Try to use a mixed tense when talking.

30. Pay extra attention to the first word because most of them begin with wh-

31. Use discourse markers when you speak.

32. Use a mix of different types of sentences.

33. Don't say “as I said before” say “as I mentioned before”

34. Finish your sentences properly.

35. In part 2 read the cue card 2 times carefully.

36. It is okay to use fillers (works like umm, ahh, you know, etc… )

37. Do not overuse fillers

38. Say NAMES slowly. If you say a name in your own language, you MUST explain it!

39. Before going into the room, take three DEEP breaths!

40. Do not worry about your accent. Just speak clearly.

41. Do not worry about mistakes - everybody makes them! Instead, think about communicating well.

42. Do not change the topic. The examiner will think you cannot speak enough on that topic and will give you a lower score.

43. Do not say you have been in a training school to study for the IELTS the examiner wants to think you prepared for the speaking test by yourself.

44. Do you say the score which you need to get so you can go abroad unless the examiner asks you.

45. Do not be overly nice. Once you finish just say “thank you for your time” or “nice meeting you” and leave

46. Do not only say “bye-bye”

47. Remember in part 2 if the examiner stops you, do not worry it is because the test is time limited.

48. Do not sidetrack your answers from the question

49. Take notes in part 2 or you might lose marks.

50. Remember to use logic when you talk

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