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Eliminate Stress with Buddha's Teachings

Updated on May 17, 2012

Budhha's teachings to reprogram the mind to reduce stress

How it started

I have had a chance to get hold of a Japanese book translated in English on Buddha's teachings. It helped me in seeing things from a different perspective especially as I have a chronic problem of anxiety and stress. Though I must say that It has not eliminated my stress syndrome but It has given me some understanding of human life. It all started with the 4 noble truth and all the sources of anxiety could be realized in those 4 truths.

Noble Truth 1 : - Life is suffering

When I read the 1st Truth suddenly there was a huge sigh of a kind of relief and peace followed for some time. It said "Human life is suffering". I used to think that why I have been suffering despite doing everything this world wants me to do i.e. taking responsibility, abiding by the law, not hurting anyone, fulfilling the desires of family members even it meant a kind of sacrifices!. When I just looked around with the first truth in mind I could realize that almost every one was suffering around me; the CEO, peon, the taxi driver, the businessman, my friends and so on.. Very few people looked enjoying the life.

Noble Truth 2 : - Desires or attachments are the source of suffering

The second truth threw some more light. It states that desires are the cause of suffering. Yes! It is right. My desires to have a great career made me suffer throughout my life, the marks, achievements, failures.. destroyed my life. It gave me a soothing feeling to understand the fundamentals of life, suffering and its cause. So we need to work on our irrational desires.

Noble Truth 3 :- The suffering can be reduced or eliminated

Noble Truth 4 :- The Way to end suffering is through following 8 fold path


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