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Improve your vocabulary using 4 effective steps

Updated on August 10, 2012


In communications, it is very important to have a large deposit of words. Having a huge heap of wordlist will help you express your ideas completely, accurately and more effectively, especially in writing. You might not possess this kind of proficiency just yet, but there are various steps and tips that you can take advantage of in order to improve and broaden your vocabulary.

1. The 3-words-a-day method

This is one of the most effective methods for expanding your vocabulary. What you need to do is just to select three new words in the dictionary and understand its definition thoroughly. Once you have completely absorbed the definition of each word you have chosen, you can now start using them in sentences. You can also try to use these words together in a single sentence or passage. Doing this will not only enhance your vocabulary but at the same time it will deepen your thinking skills. It will also make the words easier to apply and to remember. You can just imagine how many new words you can add up to your vocabulary within just a year by simply following this method.

2. Converse with people everyday

Every time we talk to people, we stumble across words which are quite unfamiliar to us. Oftentimes, we learn the meaning of these words by simply asking the person from whom we have heard them. It is actually easier and more effective to learn new words by knowing their definition straight from somebody who already understands their meanings.

3. Play puzzles or word games

There are many puzzles and word games which can help stimulate our brains to think of words that we may have encountered or heard in the past. Word Factory, in particular, is an effective word game which shoves you to think deeply and creatively. Word games are great tools to help you retain more words for future use.

4. Take note

Make sure to provide yourself with a notebook or a jotter that you can use for note-taking. While it is best to look up for the definition of a new word you bumped into straightaway, sometimes we just don’t have the resources to get their meanings the quickest time possible. In this case, it is very helpful to take note of these words so that you can still look up for its definition once a relevant resource becomes available.

Learning new words will not only increase your knowledge of words and enhance your communication skills but it will also develop your self-confidence. If you learn more words, it will help you become more conversant and interesting to others. It will also enable you to share your ideas more creatively and succinctly. Seen this way, you will become more confident in having conversations with other people. So, learn new words now with the help of the tips mentioned above. Good luck.

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    • saralj profile image

      Sara A. 5 years ago from Amman, Jordan.

      This is so helpful. Well-written!