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4 Sources of Scholarly Journals for Academic Writing and Research Online 2017

Updated on May 30, 2017

What is a scholarly journal?

A scholarly journal refers to the periodical publication that contain published studies in a particular academic discipline, for instance, medicine, business among others. It acts as an excellent source material for academic writing online 2017 where authors publish their discussion of research studies. Important is that these articles are peer reviewed. Peer reviewed articles refers to journal articles that are written by experts in a particular academic discipline. The articles are read and criticized by experts before they are published in a journal to make sure that they are of the highest quality. I would propose you check the below sources for your academic writing and research online 2017. Personally, I have used them in my research, and I got more than I expected. In fact, the source like google scholars will cite for you the article that you are quoting. Just click on button “cite,” and it will offer you citations in all the citation styles.

Google scholars

First, Google scholars provide students with online academic writing resources based on academic disciplines. Imperative is that the sources are arranged in years of publications. For instance, if you want to research on “academic writing online2017” you just need to go to google scholars and write the keyword “academic writing online 2017” on the search bar. Next you just need to click on the years and all studies published in 2017 will be displayed. Click on “cite” to view different citations styles and selected whichever you need. You can also view the article by clicking on the article title.

Science Direct

Second, Science Direct is yet another sources when writing an academic essay online 2017. This sources offer the readers with an abstract of the publication and also full access to more than 3000 journal articles online published by different publishers. Surprisingly, it provides articles published from 1996 to present which covers a broad range of academic disciplines.

EE explore

Third, IEE explore is also neither important source when writing an essay online 2017. Similar to Science direct it offers abstracts as well as a full texts of the published articles. However, it mostly offers publications on electronics, electrical engineering, and computer science. Thus, if you are majoring in these academic disciplines, IEE would provide you peer-reviewed resources on your chosen topic.


Last but not the least, PubMed is owned by US National Library of Medicine. It is unique in that it offers publication in the medical field such as nursing, health care and veterinary. Thus, if your major is medicine, then PubMed would provide you with excellent peer reviewed sources for your academic writing and research online 2017.



In conclusion, I am sure that Google scholars, IEE explore, Science direct and PubMed will offer you a great platform where you can read excellent papers in the area of your interest. However, make sure that you do not plagiarize your essays, and hence you need to put done the ideas in your words and cite them properly.


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