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5 Disadvantages of Being Intelligent

Updated on June 22, 2017

Everyone in this world always desires to become a smart person. Typing “how to become smart”, Google immediately brings up to 237 million results in a half of second. We definitely find every way to increase our IQ.

But being intelligent doesn’t always help you to better job opportunities. You also don't make good choices in life or right decisions at all times. By contrast, it comes with some real problems you never know.


1. You think too much or overcomplicate things

If you are the smartest person in a discussion room, and everyone admires your genius, what will you do next? Are you a very first person why always talks and gives personal opinions? Are you a person who never stops looking into problems and solutions? Of course, you are.

Then, this is what will happen. You almost always use your brain power, think, and talk much than feeling. You know what you say is right, and you are proud of yourself. You consider yourself as the best problem solver in the office. You yell at work because your IQ is a strong evidence that you have a right to do that. You think your life will be happier and more fulfilling because of your intelligence.

But you don’t know that you are too smart for your own good. That is, you overcomplicate everything and turn small things into big ones. You forget the fact that simplicity makes life easier.

Besides, people also have no idea about what you are saying but think that you are trying to prove you’re a know-it-all. Everything you say is stuck inside you only.

2. You may set a very high expectation about what you can do

Becoming a smart person means that you have great abilities to do things that many people can’t.

For example, you can quickly find an answer to a difficult equation. Produce a very effective solution to solve a complex problem. Brainstorm a vast number of ideas in a matter of seconds. You are in the spotlight all the time.

But everything has two sides. Because of your talents, you may fall into a trap that you think you are better than others. You set very high goals for yourself and attempt to achieve them at any cost. You are blind to what you can do and what you cannot do. Your expectations have no limits.

3. You may suffer from depression

You may know that intelligent women often struggle to find a real love. They have horrible dates. Their relationships usually fail. They come and go fast.

I don’t mean smart people are the ones who lack good personalities and have no emotional skills. But one thing for sure, few of us like people who are smarter than us.

What’s more, you will go through uncomfortable situations too. In school, teachers may hate you for your smartness. You may intimidate your peers and don't have many friends. With these in mind, people grow jealous of your talents and love to see your fails.

Your loved-ones set high expectations for you. They believe that you have an unlimited power to conquer everything. They put an extreme pressure on you while you understand that you aren’t good enough. Over time, you feel like nobody understands you. You feel like you’re isolated from the outside world. You’re alone.

You are intelligent but because of it, you live a miserable life.

4. You may underestimate others

Once being a smarter person, you are informative, logical, and intellectual. You know how to attract others by your intelligence and good persuasive skills. You know what you are talking about. You can identify problems in an argument and produce a perfect solution in a quick way. Using your brain power, you always hold the conversation or win the debate.

But it won’t last for a long time. Because people appreciate you, you start judging others’ opinions and become arrogant. You may think that you are only the one who has enough capability to solve problems. You focus too much on yourself. You try to disregard their ideas. You try to prove that they are all stupid, but you.

Everyone doesn't want to listen to you anymore. They start hating you.

5. Sometimes, you are more likely to be dumb

A person who is smart doesn’t mean that he/she can’t make mistakes. Rather, he is still more likely to become a stupid person in front of the crowd. You talk too much about something without acknowledging that you're wrong.

We are all humans, and being humans mean that we can completely make mistakes at times. Also, don’t forget there’s always someone better than you.

Intelligence is a curse when you begin to feel that the more you know, the more you feel the less you know - Mike Farkas.

If you agree with me, please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      lesliefischer1223 8 months ago

      be yourself

    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 8 months ago from Sydney, Australia

      Knowing too much about the job slows down the work.