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5 Disturbingly Strange Theories About Existence

Updated on January 14, 2014

1. The Earth is Flat

Yes, this is an incredibly old theory. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, people would spend all their life walking and walking hoping to find the edge of Earth. Of course, this theory has been disproved. The fact that the Earth is round has been around for thousands of years, and the Ancient Greek even calculated the circumference quite accurately.

However, some people still genuinely believe that the Earth is flat, and the fact is being covered up by a global conspiracy. Namely, the Flat Earth Society.

2. Koreshanity

The Koreshans believe that the universe, including the Earth, Sun and Moon, are contained in a concave sphere or cell. Another spin on this theory is that the Earth itself is hollow and we actually live on the inside of it.

Read more about this strangeness on the Wikipedia page.

3. All Possible Outcomes Exist in Parallel Universes

The Many Worlds Theory implies that whenever an action is taken and there are multiple outcomes, when that action is taken the universe splits. So in a world parallel to ours, this other outcome holds true. So say if you were in a situation where a pedophile pulled up and offered you car ride but you refused, in a parallel universe you took that ride and ended up dead. The many creepy possibilities is what makes this theory so scary.

But every bad has it’s good. In a parallel universe, you are living your dream. In another, you’re married to your secret crush. And in another, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is president.

Very interesting video on the 10 dimensions:

4. We Live in a Computer Game

A theory actually exists that we all live in a simulated world. Basically, a computer game. Scientists created a computer simulated world that looks a lot like ours. They also propose that if there was an incredibly advanced civilization (which is more than just possible), they would probably create a program like this. And since there can be more programs inside programs, it’s very likely we are one.

But should we try to contact our creators? Maybe it’s not a smart idea. Wouldn’t you panic and delete your Sims game if the characters started protesting and holding “We Are Real!” signs?

5. Holograms

Another crazy theory — that most of what we think we know about the universe is a hologram. In other words, when you walk out onto your balcony to gaze upon the night stars, you’re looking at an image projected on a wall. This theory may explain why the energy scales of the universe are grainy (relating to the way a hologram is produced).

Let’s just take a second to think about how bummed all those scientists would be if this was proven to be true.

Which theory is the craziest?

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