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5 Ideas To Keep Your Hope Alive

Updated on June 30, 2011

This hub came out of a question where someone asked if hope is better or being practical is.

I think hope itself is practical!

here are 5 practical ideas to keep your hope alive!

1. Talk/ Share

Tell someone.

Choose someone who does not judge you, does not tell you it is not possible, or worse, tells you that you are an idiot to hope for something like that!

It is wise to keep wise counsel, but it is wiser to keep hopeful counsel.  

On the same subject, dont just stick to one person for all your dreams or hopes.  You may choose to share your desires with different people for different aspects of your life.

for e.g. I may share my writing hopes with a friend who really thinks I should write more and not with a family member who thinks this is a waste of time and that I should be working and making more money.

2. Write

Hoping is a wonderful feeling. I know because the moment I turned entrepreneur and self-employed I was doing it a lot more than when I was working for a large corporate house!

But I also find that writing my hopes down works. They may all not come true, but when I do find an old hopeful version of myself in one of those notes, it gives me a new lease on life!

So, make notes.  some quick, some really detailed ones, but note them down.

3. Read

No, not newspapers with all the failures of the day, but hope inducing, heart warming stories of success.

Read the accounts of others who struggled as you do now.  Read about the ones who made it and also about the ones who did not but hoped they would.

I find reading about others who came before me, makes me feel as if they will ensure that my hopes will be fulfilled.

4. Believe & Get someone else to believe in you!

Believe you can do it.

Believe what you are doing is the right thing.

Believe people support you.

Believe you will survive.


Research shows that when someone else beleives in us, we do better. 
Do you have anyone who beleives in you, your dreams, your passion?

Get someone else to believe in you.

Also on the topic of belief, believe in something bigger than you.  Think of it this way and please excuse me if you think I have ventured off-track, you were well looked after even in your mother's womb, were you not?  You were safe, you were fed.  That thought always makes me hopeful!

5. Hope in Detail!

I wrote about it here Steps to bring any dream to life.

Essentially, the idea is to believe in abundance and create a picture, a photograph, a painting or even a movie of how you want your hope to turn out to be.

Leave your specific goal/hope and we will include it in our prayers

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    • prabhjotbedi profile image

      Prabhjot Bedi 6 years ago from chandigarh

      @Shalini - Thank you!

    • profile image

      Shalini 6 years ago

      I think visualisation for your goals always help you tread closer on achieving it.