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5 Spring Flower Homeschool Activities

Updated on March 24, 2011
homeschool lessons about spring flowers
homeschool lessons about spring flowers | Source

5 Spring Flower Homeschool Activities

There are a lot of spring flower homeschool activities that children will enjoy.  These homeschool activities will help them learn about plants through hands-on activities instead of from a textbook.  Hands-on activities will stick with you longer.  So, with this in mind, here are some ideas for homeschool lessons that you can do this spring.

Spring Flower Homeschool Activities – Planting A Garden

Most children love digging in the dirt and finding worms.  Older children can start to help plant your garden with you.  This will teach them where plants come from and what seeds are used for.

Spring Flower Gardening – Sprouting Seeds In The Kitchen

Another homeschool idea your children might enjoy is sprouting seeds inside the home.  All you need for this spring flower homeschool activity are several glasses filled with water and cotton balls.  Now you can put some popcorn kernels, apple seeds, whole grain barley, beans or fennel seeds inside. These seeds will sprout in a couple of days and then you can transplant them into a large glass of rocks and water.

Spring Flower Gardening – Exploring The Different Parts Of Seeds And Flowers

Other activities for kids involve exploring the different parts of seeds and flowers.  Simply soak beans in water and then allow them to lay on your counter for a day before pulling off their outer layer and opening the seed up.  Since the seed hasn’t yet received the right conditions they will be curled up inside of the bean, lying dormant.

Flowers can also be taken apart so that you can inspect their pistil and stamen.  The seedpod is also there, although it may or may not be pollinated.  It will be black when pollinated.

Spring Flower Gardening – Making Paint Out Of Flowers

A great spring craft that you can include within your spring flower homeschool activities is painting with crusted grass and flowers.  For this spring flower homeschool activity you simply lay the grass or flower on your paper and crush it with a rock.  You can then cut out some great spring shapes to hang in a mobile.  Herein you will be able to teach your child about chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Spring Flower Gardening – Going For Nature Hikes

You should also think about taking a nature walk as one of your spring flower homeschool activities.  Make sure to take a field guide from your area with you so that you can learn about the plants you see.  When you get home you can draw pictures and write about these things too.


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