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5 Important Things I Wish I Knew In College

Updated on September 12, 2017

College is your stepping stone into the real world. Most people discover themselves and what they want in life during the course of college or at least a part of most people graduate with the question “what do I do next?” which is extremely normal. But before you graduate you have to start college first, the decisions you make at the beginning of your college life, stay with you till you graduate and sometimes after.

Build Skills Outside of the Classroom

I remember being in my first year and studying through the night just so I could make a first good impression on my school and teachers. I’d gotten a part time job but quit it because I thought nothing must come in the way of my studies. Halfway through my third year I absolutely regret that decision, I had a unique opportunity then to build on my resume, but I quit. Now realizing that getting another one isn’t so easy. After you get to a certain point in college you begin to realize that all you know is all you’ve been taught, and you’ve never bothered to do any self-learning on other things. Pick up a guitar or a drum, read books not related to your course, something that can add to your skill set.

Go out With Your Friends (Build a Social Life)

“They are not serious students.”

“I can't go for that dinner party.”

Trust me your friends care about school just as much as you do, but college is a place where apart from reading is for you to build long lasting relationships. Until this day, my mother shows me pictures of friends she had in university. You can pay for a degree but relationships are worthwhile in the long run as you never know where it'll take you in the future. So “friend-up” and make memories.

Embrace the Culture Around You

Some people have the option of traveling to a foreign country and the opportunity to learn a foreign language right from the source and interact with natives. I had such an opportunity, studying in china has been great, but I never took the learning of the language seriously and when I see some of the people with whom I started out with having a fluent conversation in Chinese, I feel a pang in my chest. Such a thing should never happen, grab a hold of every language learning opportunity you get, throw yourself out there be willing to learn and embrace the community around you.


Don’t Be so Trusting

Being a new student especially if you're a girl garners a lot of attention, this won't last for long. Keep a cool head and be polite, set your boundaries.

You will tend to be approached by a lot of people who say they want to befriend you, don’t jump at the opportunity, take a little time to determine if the person actually means it and if he or she would be good for your life.

Don’t Fret

Sure! you made a mistake or maybe you didn’t but people are gossiping about you. These things are a part of life and would blow over eventually, you making a big deal about it will make the situation worse and keep it around for longer.

It is unavoidable to avoid being gossiped about, besides college is about making mistakes, learning from it and growing up a little bit more each time.

And always remember most gossip stays in the past depending on how you react to it whilst it's in its prime.

Get An Internship

Apart from learning other skills not related to your course, you also need to get skills related to your course so as to build a professional relationship with like minded people. Ask your course professors about internship openings, check the newspapers, ask to be an assistant. Do as much as you need to do to get both a theoretical and practical viewpoint of your course.


Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Yes, you don'tlike being stared at by the entire class and what if your question sounds stupid once it leaves your mouth?

First of all, they don't pay your school fees so I doubt you should care about what they think.

Secondly, you are here to learn in whatever way possible, so do not be afraid to raise up your hand and let your thoughts out.

Thirdly, you will actually gain more respect in your class as your fellow course mates will know you are not afraid to let your questions out about things you do not understand and that you are not a push over.

Leave comments about things you wished you also knew.

Good luck

What are the things you wish you had done while in college?

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    • NaomiAdeniji profile image

      Naomi Adeniji 5 months ago from Liaoning, Jinzhou China

      I agree Alexis especially considering the fact that most jobs are based on skill, not theoretical knowledge only.

    • AlexisG profile image

      Alexis 5 months ago

      Great advice and I certainly wish I could go back and tell myself several of these! Internships and building practical experience in your chosen course of study is critical. I know a couple people who were hired before graduation by the company they interned at!

    • NaomiAdeniji profile image

      Naomi Adeniji 5 months ago from Liaoning, Jinzhou China

      Thanks :)

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 5 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Yeah good advice!