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5 Things I Learned From Enrolling 1 Course a Day

Updated on July 11, 2020
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Arthur Ariel is a young enthusiastic learner that is addicted to learning new stuff and isn't shy away to share what he's learned so far


Recently, I enrolled in a full 30 course for the whole month of June and it was awesome!

The courses I enrolled in ranges from business to filmmaking and even life improvement. I’ve learned a lot from those 30 days. But what did I learn about courses in general?

This article won’t talk about what I’ve learned from the courses but what I learned overall about courses. I’ll tell you if a course is worth taking and also give you tips on how to choose the right course for you.


A Course A Day?

With the COVID pandemic, the whole world just feels like it had stopped moving. Many major businesses stop moving, even though it’s slowly gaining its traction, it’s hard to imagine a time we would actually recover from the pandemic.

I know many people personally that’s affected harshly by the self-isolation and the coronavirus itself. I also know people who just feel they aren’t doing something meaningful at this time. Most people in this situation would’ve done the same thing: Binge Watch or doing other stuff that’s not productive.

Being someone who’s addicted to learning, the coronavirus also impacted in many ways. The living conditions that we have to live through here is pretty harsh but it’s enough to still enjoy the little things.

I thought to myself, rather than having to wait for the COVID to die down, why don’t I just start learning stuff? That’s exactly what I did.

What’s important to know that in times of crisis, you have to look for opportunities to gain something. For me, even though the whole situation is really bad right now, I take this whole corona thing as an opportunity to find out who I really am and what can I learn from it? Time seems to be on my side!

I won’t mess with the details, but I enrolled in 30 different courses with various different topics such as filmmaking, business and self-improvement. How I did it is that I first find out how long it takes to learn the full course. Usually, it takes up to an average of 4 to 8 hours with the longest being 12 hours and the shortest being 30 minutes.

If it’s only 4 hours, I can do it in one sitting but if it’s 8 hours. I usually have to break it up into many sections.

It’s not the best way to get the most out of a course, but it’s an ideal way to spend your time in. But anyway, here’s what I learned about courses in general:


1. Every Course Is The Same

For example, you enrolled in 4 courses on copywriting. What you’ll get is 4 courses on copywriting!

Most of the stuff you learn out of courses if you enrolled on many different courses on one topic. You’ll realize all of them will be talking about the same thing. Giving you the same tips and tricks that the professionals use and how to enhance them.

The only difference is, how they will teach you about it. Most of them are really professional! They not only teach you how to do it but they also give you examples and exercise on how to do it. It’s pretty straight forward but I really do have to point out that there are some courses that I regret spending my time on.

Some of the courses that are just really bad usually just have a general overview of the specific topic. It doesn’t go into many details and just gives you stuff that you can easily find on the internet.

The only way to spot this is to find out the rating of them, I usually don’t go below 3-3.5 rating or else I know it’s not going to be that In-depth.

2. The Golden Nugget

What’s the Golden Nugget? It’s simple, almost every course have this.

A Golden Nugget is that rare information that you won’t find anywhere else! Usually, if it’s a good course, it only has about 4-8 golden nuggets but a really excellent (mostly certified) course gives you sometimes more than 10 valuable pieces of information that you will never find on the internet!

It’s usually from the teacher’s experience, each information that they give that relates to their past experience in their current field.

If you’re a fast learner or only wants to go to their special tips/techniques, skimming to find the golden nugget is a good thing to go for.

How to find it? It usually has a title that you’re not that familiar with or has a catchy hook in it that just reels you in. Go for that!

3. The Long Course Is Always Better

Long Course is always better, there are also some exceptions for this.
I personally love long courses because it goes in-depth into what the specific topic is, what you should and shouldn’t do, what to look out for, etc. It goes in-depth and makes the most out of your time!

But there are also those redundant ones where it just feels like this section just goes on and on about the same thing. If you find that on your course, it’s better to just skip it to the parts where you want.

Short courses aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just not that in-depth. If you don’t have the time for long courses, a short course is a good one for you.

If you were to pick on a short course, go on one that’s a little more niche. For example, instead of finding a 1 Hour YouTube Masterclass, search for 1 Hour YouTube SEO Marketing. You’ll find great results with awesome insight on that particular subject.

4. Most Of Them Are On The Internet

70% of what you’ll learn on that course is going to be there on the Internet. I’m sorry, but I just have to say it. Countless resources on YouTube have made selling courses much harder but thanks to the pretty slick copywriters that they hire, they can have a run for their money.

The difference between a course that’s generic and a course that’s in-depth is to look at their run time, the teacher and the ratings. Looking at these 3 key things will help you get the most out of it because most of the time, these courses are going to give you more golden nuggets than you were hoping for!

Try finding the one that’s certified as it’ll give you the most out of any courses out there.

5. You Won’t Learn Everything In One Sitting

Here’s what I had to learn the hard way. If you enrol in one course, you have to make the most out of it.

If you enrol in a course a day for 30 days. You’re not going to learn everything out of it. Try not to skim your courses.

And also here’s a little tip for you, if you’ve already watched one or two in the same field: Don’t make the same mistake of enrolling in many courses to hopefully master it. The only way to master that field is to practice it by yourself, not by watching videos.



Enrolling 30 courses a day might not seem like an ideal way of learning things but it’s a better way to be productive.

You don’t have to go to the extreme to follow my way of learning because it’s not a good way to get the most out of each course.

A little advice for you: You won’t master a certain skill by watching many courses, you’ll learn by practising it every day!

How Many Courses Have You Taken?

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