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Top 5 Things People Take for Granted

Updated on September 14, 2012

1. Healthy mothers

Our days should start with our mothers and end with the well-wishes for their well-being; after all, our very lives started with our mothers. Mothers symbolize human compassion and empathy—they represent the two most important human traits that a lot of people take for granted and forget about in daily relationships. When you learn to cope with a very ill mother every day of your life, you begin to realize just how lucky all those around you are because unlike you they can go skate boarding with their mothers or enjoy a simple day on the beach. So, enjoy the things you can do with your mother in the realization that some helplessly cannot even do that much.

2. Talents

When in school or working on the job, the cruel world is a constant reminder of just how incompetent we seem to be compared to the accomplishments of others. Our own shortcomings overshadow our ability to see just how unique our very own talents are. It’s always said that we desire those things that we don’t have, but I say that it’s a little more—we instinctively see the things we don’t have as necessary for our own happiness. But, the sad part, there is more than likely a young woman or man somewhere who unfairly judges his own self-worth against yours. It’s unfair to do this because with different talents come differences in life experience ranging from past experiences to interests to education to family values, etc.

3. Education

It is believed that education is power. The art of applying knowledge towards a service to society is something that should be more valued than it is in our modern world. A lot of people get an education to learn things they have no interest in learning in order to get a job they have no interest in attaining in order to impress people who will not be as negatively affected by their decisions as they are themselves. Education is a very powerful part of human existence indeed, but when people pursue not out of personal interest but out of material interest, it becomes a tedious chore. I say do not take granted and pursue an education because it inspires you to become a better person by learning the things you take deep interest in. It is only then that education has the power to transform your life into something worthwhile and enjoyable.

4. Friendships

Let’s face it, friendships are not easy to come by and when we find someone whose goofiness matches ours, we begin to cherish their presence in our lives. But, most people look at friendship as something that is necessary and is present in some form in their lives. But, how many people can honestly say they have someone (other than a family member or boyfriend/husband) who would shave off their hair too if you were going bald due to chemotherapy, who could take a scolding from a boss just so they could see you recovering thoroughly in the hospital, who would work two jobs just so that you wouldn’t have to due to your deteriorating health, etc. I’m not saying that such extreme measures define the ultimate friendship, but they would certainly distinguish those truly special friends. When you don’t have the one special friend who you once thought you had a right to having, you begin to realize that friendship takes a lot of care and love. Having someone to listen to your deepest, darkest worries is a truly special privilege and when it comes around one should not view it as something that is given to everyone, but that it is given to certain lucky individuals.

5. Empathy for fellow human beings

I believe that human beings are inherently born with the ability to serve others due to the compassion they hold in their hearts. But, in a world becoming more and more polluted with violence and oppression, good deeds are looked upon as means of achieving an accomplishment or unrealistically fake forms of compassion. I say that we have become so used to the globalized notion of the independence of the individual that kind acts are becoming more irrationalized and something being do “out of their way” to help others in order to create a name for themselves. Chivalry has become a thing of the past, but why? Why can’t people be kind simply because of the goodness in their hearts? Why can’t the act of helping others be something people do to better the world in any way they can?


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    • dreamer18 profile image

      dreamer18 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Rochelle Frank , thanks for the visit.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 5 years ago from California Gold Country

      A very good list and, as you grow older, you will find that all of these things take on more importance.

      Good first hub!

    • dreamer18 profile image

      dreamer18 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Thank you Ruchira for taking the time and reading it.

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

      well said indeed. These are treasures and we notice them only when they diminish.

      many votes and sharing it across

    • dreamer18 profile image

      dreamer18 5 years ago from San Diego, CA


    • tamilrosary profile image

      tamilrosary 5 years ago

      Good article .... something special