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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Updated on February 28, 2015

Motivation is something that comes to many people thorough a hard way. To stay focused on certain task looks very difficult at times. You either feel bored, burdened or unmotivated to start or finish anything. You remain under constant pressure of having so much to do and not achieving much at the end of the day. Under such conditions, it is important to know about the powerful ways that can help you bring back the lost inspiration.

So let's get started by reading the following ways to inspire and motivate yourself.


1. Leave your Fears Aside and Stay passionate

In order to do anything, one of the foremost requirements is to leave all your fears and inhibitions aside. By working on the thinking that you will not dread about taking a step further and will move ahead with zeal and passion. Even the most boring of chores will start to look good when you do them with enthusiasm. You have to keep on reminding yourself that you are remarkable and you have the ability to do anything with brilliance. By developing this thought you will start feeling that energy which is required to achieve your goals.


2. Concentrate on the Positives and Have Fun

Everything that we do in our lives has both positive and negative sides to it. Unfortunately, when we feel a little bored or less motivated to do anything, we start concentrating on the bad sides of things like, “this task is so boring”, “it is so difficult, "I won’t be able to get out of it much” etc. However, if you really want to inspire yourself it is very important to focus on the good sides of a task or a thing. You have to bring out the positives from the negatives. Have fun, be creative , and enjoy yourself by finding the goods from the bad . By moving ahead with this kind of attitude it becomes much easier to get you going.

3. Engage deeply

One of the major issues while we work on something is that we do not do stuff with full interest. This results in the problem that we start to get bored and feel less inspired to do anything. In order to avoid that, it is important to engage ourselves deeply in whatever task or goal we take up to achieve. Building your interest and by fully concentrating on a thing we can evade the idea of side stepping from the task at hand.

4. Talk about your goals to others

Sharing your thoughts and ideas about what you are doing or what you plan to do is also an important trick to revive back the motivation which you look for. You can discuss it with your family, friends, or any other person whom you can confide in. It is also important to share yourself with those who can encourage you and not with the ones who try to put you down. Telling about your goals to others is helpful in accomplishing what you want to achieve. This trick in fact will greatly help you to have a support system around and will bring about a greater satisfaction for you.

Share and talk about your plans or goals with others .
Share and talk about your plans or goals with others . | Source

5. Believe in yourself:

Last but not the least it is very important to believe in your own self. Do not let the fear of anything demotivate you. Have confidence in your abilities and think of yourself as someone who is capable of doing whatever you want to achieve. Place aside all the doubts, select your goals, and try to bring out your own strengths. Having confidence in your own self is the foundation stone of achieving anything. For your lost motivation, it is important to make realize yourself that you can reach a specific goal if you really work for it with your own self-assurance.



Hence, the bottom line of everything lies in the fact that you got to have the right attitude for self-motivation. With just few basic things in mind, you can easily motivate yourself and move beyond the odds that sometimes seem insurmountable. Always remember,

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

Therefore treat motivation as a fire that comes from within and with its proper handling you can do anything and everything without any worries or hindrances.

Let's see what you have to say ....

What in your experience motivates you best ?

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© 2015 Saadia A


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