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50 Scholar Search Engines and Sources Websites

Updated on August 26, 2012

In academic and professional writing, it is expected to use scholarly texts as sources for one’s work. Scholarly sources are those that are written by experts in a field, for experts in that field. According to R.G. Easterly III et al, “a source is most likely scholarly if it meets the following criteria:

1. If the source is an article, it comes from a peer-reviewed journal.

2. If it is a research article, it should it should be written in the IMRaD format (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). These are known as empirical studies. Literature reviews

(meta-analyses), theoretical articles, methodological articles, and case studies may also be considered scholarly.

3. The author of the source should cite specific theories and their sources.

4. The source should include specialized vocabulary that is intended for a scholarly audience. (Newspapers and magazines are not intended for scholarly audiences).

5. The source provides author name(s) and institutional affiliations.

6. The journal or book should be published by a professional organization or academic institution.’’

In the view of the fact that it is usually tedious finding scholarly sources, I have tried to provide 50 different websites--including university libraries’ websites and others--where one can find scholarly sources.

Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for all Discipline/General Information




4. - contain archives owned by UK universities

5. - This is a directory of Scholarly Electronic Journal and it is owned by Association of Research Libraries.

6. - An excellent fee based collection of scholarly content.


8. – this is owned by Cornell University and covers discipline like mathematics, quantitative biology, computer science etc.

9. - this contained information from more than 30 Australian universities.

10. - contained Australian information. It is owned by Australian national library.




14. - owned Canadian Association of Research Libraries

15. - this site by CIA and it contains information about United States Intelligence






21. - provide information about Governments.

22. - this is good for searching journals

23. - owned by Richard Jensen

24. - this is a virtual library that can be used by university staffs and students

25. - this is owned by JSTOR—a nonprofit organization

26. - this Library of Congress catalog search




30. -- this is mainly for journals and newsletter

Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Agricultural Science and Related Fields

31. - This a scholarly search engine for agricultural and sub disciplines.

32. - contain or organic agriculture related information


Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Social Sciences and Related Fields



Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Physics and Related Fields



38. -- this contain NASA related information

Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for History and Related Fields



Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Adult Education and Related Fields


Scholarly Search Engine for Literature


Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Sciences, Medicine and Related Fields





Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for History and Related Fields

47. - owned by American Psychological Association

Scholarly Search Engine/Scholarly Sources for Business and Technology




To learn more about academic and professional writing, consult the following links.

· Guidelines for Effective Professional and Academic Writing: A report by University of California on writing a professional and academic writing. It gives a succinct explanation to this topic.

· How to reference (a pdf document): This gives detailed explanations, with many examples, on how to reference when writing professionally.

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    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks! More great info! I used to add them all the time, now they haven't been working for me. See you later.

    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 5 years ago

      You can follow this link or this video link I used this two links when I wanted to use the capsule> I hope they will help.

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 5 years ago from Florida

      Awesome! You were able to add the Amazon Capsule! Mine haven't been working, maybe I am doing it wrong. They've changed since I was here. Perhaps you can tell me how you managed it. :)

      I will cover the "Links" capsule for you in the next article, if I don't forget. What it does is allow you to add links and title them and say something about them. Then it "hides" the web address inside the title. Very cool little tool. You've done a great job, I had no idea there were so many sources for information!