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50 Things You Never Knew about the Number ONE

Updated on December 14, 2017

Why Number 1?

In the beginning was the Number 1.

This was followed, in short order, by the numbers 2, 3, and 4. Then came 6. It was premature and had to go back to where it came from in order for the number 5 to take it's place.

The story of Numbers is a long and fascinating one, and I highly recommend it to anyone who relates more to digits then they do to, say, people.

In the meantime, here is an exhaustive list of all the things I could find out about the Number 1, for you who have always wondered about it.

ONE is...

1. the number of " rings to rule them all.”

2. the number of times you can break an egg

3. the number of nations "under God, indivisible..."

4. the number of eyes on a Cyclops

5. the number of books by Harper Lee

6. the number of thumbs on your right hand

7. the number of colors in the flag of Libya

8. the number of wheels on a unicycle

9. the number of channels on the first television set

10. the number of times you can be born

# of Eyes on a Cyclops

Click thumbnail to view full-size
One-eyed Cyclops
One-eyed Cyclops
One-eyed Cyclops | Source

Take a Pause

Now surely at this point the reader is wondering something along the lines of 'hey!...what do I need to know this stuff for?...I mean is it useful in everyday life?'

Well let's face it. The answer is no.

However trivia is useful in non-everyday life!

Think of how much more confident and self-important you will feel once you can roll-out the trivia I am providing you and at no cost!

Now that's a bargain. You have to admit it.

So let's continue.............................................

11. the number of letters in the word 'a'

12. the number of times you can jump off the Empire State Building

13. the number of animals that are left before a species becomes extinct

14. the number of hit songs by Vince Martin and the Tarriers

15. the number that God is in the 'Shema' of Israel

16. the number of ways you can pronounce 'eggplant'

17. the number of biological mothers you can have

18. the number of times you can be tried for the same crime

19. the number of winners in the Preakness

20. the number of ingredients to make ice cubes

unicorn | Source
# of person's in a 'selfie'
# of person's in a 'selfie' | Source

21. the number of times “Jesus wept.”

22. the number of Tigers in the Woods (Tiger Woods)

23. the number of candidates running for office in a dictatorship

24. the number of cabooses on a train

25. the number of 'unforgiveable sins'

26. the number of players competing in solitaire

27, the number of exits in a maze

28. the number of jokers in a pack

29. the year of Adam's birth

30. the number of arms on this bandit

31. the number of companies in a monopoly

32. the number of sexes in a lesbian bar

33. the number of uses for a guillotine

34. the number of horns on a unicorn

35. the number of holes in a doughnut

36. the number of actors it takes to be Jekyll and Hyde

37.the number of eyes in CBS

38. the number of 'Mobys' named 'Dick'

39. the number of times you can pick 'The Lady or the Tiger'

40. the number of steps to begin a journey of a thousand miles

41. the number of subjects in a self-portrait

42. the number of points on a pyramid

43. the cost of a bang for a buck

44. the number of Wizards in Oz

45. the number of hermits in a hermitage

46. the number of Jacks in a box

47. the number of places you can be at once

48. the number of brides at the altar

49. the number of partridges in a pear tree

50. the first number of this list

ONE | Source


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  • George Greene Jr. profile image

    George Greene Jr. 4 years ago from California PA

    Okay whilst it is a fun list, I would like to make some fun contradictions!

    10) in the Christian world , you can be "Born Again"

    12) Unless you are parachuting, using a hang glider or bungee jumping(Although the latter could more than likely be a one and only time as well!)

    19) So far! Horse races have been known to have ties!

    20) unless you are making those fun cubes where you put a dead bug or food coloring in with the water

    24) I have seen two cabooses on a train! Now days , the answer is zero as cabooses are no longer used!

    26) there is a two-handed solitaire game

    27) If you have a maze where there are more than one strig and each of those strings are jumbled in a way as to find each end, then you have more than one exit(you also have more than one entrance!)

    28) Decks always have 2 jokers in them

    29) Adam wasn't born, he was CREATED! and nobody knows the exact year for sure. Not only that the year one came after Christ died!

    32) Depends on your definition of lesbian! Couldn't a guy that is in the bar as a guest who is straight be considered a lesbian? or even if the guest is gay, couldn't he be a guy?

    33) Seen them used by magicians on heads of lettuce, cabbage, other vegetables and fruits, ...

    38) This could be provided there are no family's named MOBY and they had no offspring named Dick

    39) I could pick the Lady, leave her and then possibly put into that predicament again!Or I could actually best the tiger(this time) and again be unfortunate to be put back into the same predicament!

    42) What about the points on the base(whether it be triangular or square) And then one can consider the points between the lines connecting those points. since there is an infinite number of points on any lie (or segment) the answer is wrong!

    46) Playing cards are sold in a box. there are 4 jacks in a deck. And if you count the joker's as wild that makes 6!

    48)Depends on whether its a double wedding, a religion where one can have multiple wives, ...

    and finally

    49) that's only in song! What if a partridge was in the wild and set up a nest in a pear tree. then the mating birds make 2 and then add however many eggs are laid!

    with the couple of actually discrepensies that I did point out, the rest are just to fun with ya!

  • Woody Marx profile image

    Woody Marx 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Always happy to shine a little light in the darkness of the geometrical world. ;)

  • profile image

    calculus-geometry 5 years ago

    This is hilarious. Nice.