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Seven Effective Tips to Develop and Improve your Creativity

Updated on June 1, 2020

At every point in our lives, we need creativity. Whether it’s coming up with your next blog idea, crafting a social media post, or starting a new project in your company, all these tasks demand creativity for original ideas.

While it’s easier for some people to draw unique ideas quickly, some struggle to maintain their focus and take a little longer to bring one. Well, have you ever thought about the reason behind that? And how can we improve or boost our creativity? Let’s discuss and try to answer all these questions below.

But before we jump on discussing ways to develop or improve our creativity, let’s try to define what exactly creativity is in general or science term.

Tips to Improve Your Creativity
Tips to Improve Your Creativity | Source

What is creativity?

Most of the people and intellectuals compare creativity as a kind of muscle, which must be stretched and challenged continuously throughout your entire life. While some say that creativity is a quality that can be acquired through practice and habits. And everyone is right in their way in describing the term.

According to me, creativity is like a car. The more you use it, the better average it gives you. And if you park the creativity in your garage for a very long time, it can be degraded. So, it’s important to utilize your creativity in the best way possible.

From the above points, we can say that creativity is quality that describes forming something unique and interesting. It is the phenomenon through which one can lead a healthy and happier life. We as social creatures are extremely imaginative, but implementing the imagination in action could be a difficult task.

Have you ever felt the need to improve your creativity?

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What does science say about creativity?

While people may have different opinions about creativity, science goes with proper proof and observation. Numerous researches show that practicing creative thinking will have a positive impact on our lives. It helps in reducing stress-level and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Many psychological aspects of creativity say that you must focus on things that you love doing. Things that demand your focus and attention are probably those that may increase your creativity.

Here are Seven Easiest Ways to Boost and Improve Your Creativity

1. Stroll Around and Observe Things

This might seem very simple but it is one of the most effective ways to tackle your creative block. You may not notice it, but you’ve started living a sedentary life, which is harmful to your mental health as well as your life as a whole.


Taking a simple walk around your locality or terrace an observing the surroundings will likely lit up your creative cells. Do this more frequently, and you will probably start getting ideas that stay longer in your conscious mind.

Mindfully observing things around you while strolling will have a fresh influence on your body. If you find it uninteresting, try taking a ‘soundwalk’ by identifying sounds from the various sources.

2. Create Something, especially With Hands

The most creative people in this world create something in their everyday lives. Creating something by yourself send signals to your brain that you are capable of doing something on your own. And if you practice this regularly, it will hone your creativity even further. Not to mention, you will learn to create anything useful.

Give yourself a weekly challenge to create something on your own. It can be drawing, photography, painting, writing, singing, or creating music. One of the major things that block your creativity is your first ideas.

So, make sure you start creating anything useful every day. As you keep on practicing daily, your brain will begin developing ideas for you.

3. Modify Your Surroundings

Your surroundings play a quite important in deciding your moods throughout the day. If you’re unable to go out for walking, you can think about changing your room or office desk’s appearance.

You can redecorate your living or bedroom, wherever you spend your most time. It may include temporarily changing the wallpaper, adjusting the lights, or rearranging the objects in your room for a new look. Doing like once or twice in a month will likely boost your mood and, ultimately, your creativity.

4. Play Outdoor

We all know that doing physical activities can improve our body’s mental as well as physical health. But did you know that it can also help you hone your creative thinking? Well, yes, it’s right.


Playing outdoors will not only flex your body’s muscles but also stretches the creativity muscles. And as it stretches out, it becomes more charged up, and you start receiving new ideas and thoughts.

Doing physical activities also helps you build confidence in the long run. So, no matter how busy you are, do take out at least 30 minutes playing outdoors.

5. Practice Daydreaming

One of the crucial ways to boost your creativity is to let your mind imagine things you matter. Allow your mind to wander around and go back to your old good or bad memories, emotions, experiences, and knowledge. Let it explore you for a couple of minutes.

Many researchers have concluded that daydreaming can help you develop a creative problem-solving mindset. Switching off your conscious mind for some minutes will help you bring blocked ideas and thoughts.

Instead of spending hours with apps and games, let yourself get bored. In this way, you will send a signal to your mind that the present situation is not favorable, and it needs some new things or ideas. In a study, it is found that boredom leads to daydreaming, and it brings creative thinking in people.

6. Get Social

This is self-explanatory. Socializing with people, especially ones whom you trust can develop deeper conversations. Sometimes, talking with the right people at the right time can infuse your mind with new energy and thoughts. It allows you to look at things differently. And the ability to look at things with a newer angle increases your curiosity and then your creativity.

Socialize with People
Socialize with People | Source

You can also indulge in a meaningful debate on a worth-discussing topic. Debating will also have a positive impact on your thought-process and lets you explore the right and wrong things as per your intellectual thinking.

7. Stare at Something Green or Blue

It may not sound true, but colors can influence our moods, behaviors, and emotions. Different colors possess different qualities, and our eyes and minds interpret them as per their properties. While red is related to emotions, feelings, and intuition, yellow promotes logic, sunshine, and optimism.


Similarly, blue is the color that is considered to boost creative thinking and has qualities like cool, decision, and process. Moreover, green is directly related to creativity, possibilities, ideas, and growth.

So, whenever possible, try to look at all things blue and green. You can stare at any plant at your home for about five minutes after waking up in the morning. Apart from infusing positivity, it will also develop or improve your creativity.

Which practice would you like to try to boost your creativity?

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The building or improving your creativity is a task that cannot be achieved overnight. It needs continuous practice and developing habits that will open up the circulation of new ideas and thoughts.

Not everyone can see posses creative thinking all the time, and one cannot stay uncreative all the time. It’s all about having the skill to showcase your best ideas as and when required. So, practice all the tips mentioned above, and you will likely boost or develop an amazing creativity skill soon.

Feel free to add your points below in the comments section as per your personal experience or knowledge.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nikhil Sharma


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