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6 Software For Indian College Students

Updated on March 11, 2017

Make your college life more organized, easy and fun by installing these applications on your PC. These are six software you will need to survive in an Indian College.


1. Enpass

Life in college is gonna to be hard. When you already have a ton of syllabus to memories, the last thing you would want to do is memorize all your passwords too. Thanks to Enpass, you only have to remember one and rest all are managed by it. Enpass is a powerful password managing software with a beautiful users interface and strong security features. Where it's mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile comes with in-app purchases, their desktop application is free without any hidden costs. Enpass is one of that software, which you can say has been tailored specifically for Indian users. It's more than just a password manager, you can also lock other of your confidential information in it, for example, your PAN Card, driver's license, bank account, credit cards, travel documents and even your secret notes. It syncs your passwords to the cloud of your choice, so you can access them through multiple devices.

2. Grammarly

Most of your time in college will be spent doing homework, writing reports and making projects. To leave the best impression on your teachers, you would want to make sure that your assignments are free from any grammatical or spelling errors. Here's where Grammarly comes to help, it can reorganize more than 250 types of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Its smart algorithms mark possible errors in your text and suggest you a correction that is context specific. Moreover, Grammarly shows you a reason for your mistake, so you can correct it. Though it has a premium subscription to buy, its basic version works pretty well and much better than Microsoft Office's grammar and spell check. Apart from its desktop app, Grammarly has extensions for Chromes and Microsoft Office too.

3. CCleaner

When in college you, your laptop is going to be your most significant tool. You will use it for everything from study to staying in touch with your family and friends. A device such important to you, slowing down and starting to lag could be your worst nightmare. There is a couple of software to fix this, but the best one, without a doubt, is CCleaner. It has made its brand name as the best PC optimization tool. Its free version includes essential features to speed up your computer and protect your privacy. If you want, more you get a free trial of its Professional version, which includes options more features like real-time monitoring and scheduled cleaning.

4. Recuva

As a student, you will have a plenty of documents on your computer, some of them even important to you. Sometimes you hit that delete button by mistake and later regret doing it. But even if your files are gone from Recycle Bin, there's still a way to recover them. All you need is file recovery software. Recuva is a leading file recovery software that's easy to use and does its job pretty effectively. Before starting the recovering processes, you can choose what type of files you are trying to recover and where the files were stored to narrow down your search results. Most of the times you will be able to recover your deleted files in good condition.

5. YTD Video Downloader

Whether you hear it during leisure or while partying with your friends, music is important in the life of a college student. One most common means by which a person comes across new songs is YouTube; there are new music videos uploaded every day on the network. You can extract songs and videos you like from YouTube and many other websites like. Moreover, you can even choose the quality of your videos before downloading and convert them to MP3 files afterward. There is also a premium subscription you can opt for, it comes has no adds and some additional features.


What's one thing that you never get enough in college life? It's time. There are deadlines, exams, and assignments. You never seem to get enough time for yourself. So, why waste time on connecting your computer to your smartphone via USB cable? has a wonderful desktop program, which connects your phone to your computer in an instant by scanning a QR code. The file transfer speed is far better than that of USB cable. Moreover, it works as a wireless bridge between your PC and phone. You can view your images from the phone on your PC, explore files on your PC from the phone, back up your photos to PC, and even take PPT Control.

So, which one is the best?

What do you think, which one is the most helpful application for college students?

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