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8 Common Characteristics of the Human Society in Year 2020

Updated on April 1, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

     The age of commercialism and technological development will change the societal conditions that may not be true today. In 2020, the unhealthy lifestyle of the children and teenagers will have different thoughts and interest that will gradually destroy the natural path of the tradition, culture,values and beliefs .

These are the 8 common characteristics of human society in year 2020:

1. Obese children, teenagers and adult

      The developed countries will tremendously gain weight as a result to the unhealthy lifestyles that have limited physical activities. In the developed countries are now experiencing the problem of obese children and teenagers in the school. The nutrient intakes are more on beverages, junk foods, burgers, and other high fats foods as result of the superficial advertisements of multi-national corporations on food products.This time the multi-national corporation for consumer food products is increasing sustained its profit. The consumer centers such as dine-in restaurants, food centers, supermarket and malls will still be booming as part of the cultural activities in the future.

2. Poor Eyesight children and teenagers

       The decade of technological change may expose children and teenagers on mild radiation on computers, i-pod, cell phone and new gadgets as result of corporate competition. They will have 80% percent of technology-related activities that might result to the gradual physiological stress of eyes sight. Most of them will be using eye lenses.

3. Unstable behavior and suicidal tendencies

      The teenagers of the future will have psychological problems on coping up new technological situations that result in the age of commercialism and technology. Most of the movies and entertainment will focus on crime, sex and violence. The social networking will be the common way to interact with other people. There will be less contact in the natural environment as the old ones enjoyed in the 1950’s to 1980’s. The human compassion is turning to less emotions as controlled by the technology and robotics life in the future.

4. Wealth and fashion conscious

     The greed and vanity will be the main game of adulthood. The interaction of human society will continuously evolve into the interest of social stature. The men and women are attracted not on beauty and value but on the wealth to support the social needs of the society. The sexual slaves are evolving into monstrous dimension to play an individual greed. Women are becoming more liberated the ethnic culture will gradually diminish because of the fashion of wealth and stature. The rural areas are now penetrated on the existence of disco houses, bars and other midnight life. The next extinction of societal life is the precious culture we have in the past. The young kids will no longer adore their culture they will want to experience the exciting liberation of human soul of wealth and fashion.

5. Short life and medicine conscious

     The life expectancy will abruptly diminish as human being experience death because of unhealthy life style. There will be increasing illness on cancer, TB, arthritis, obesity, hypertension and glandular disorders. The human society will become dependent of modern medicine that will result to the kidney trouble. The medicine will provide the deceptive content as the age of commercialism and advertising will superficially improve its therapeutic cure.

6. Information technology dependent for social networking, physical activities and shopping

      The world will be busy on night and day as the main habit of human society is within the malls and superstores as the new community of the people in impersonal attachment. The home will be silent where people are busy interacting in the internet for social networking. The physical activities and exercises are modernly present on all sport games by the use of remote controlled technology.

7. Unexciting love and sex affairs

      The love affairs a little bit different, as they will use cell phone and computer internet to find perfect partner. The mail love letters will be extinct as the romance will not be as exciting in the 1950’’s to 1980’s. The physiological response of food intake and food packaging including the lack of exercise find more men to prolong the art of sex romance because of obesity.

8. Low ethical value

       The ethical value of men and women will diminish at critical point, as they will no longer live in the world of tradition, culture, norms, values and respect of elders. The extinction of ethical value may bring the mythical prophesy of revelation.

       The best way to survive from the human society of the year 2010 and beyond is still the “family as the basic unit of the society”. The breaking point of human civilization may provide the havoc of the deadly extinction on society culture. The parents must now check the exploding technological environment that breaking the compassion of human relationships. We must let them revive the tradition, culture, norms, values and ethics from the normal interacting society.


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    • profile image

      Nazzy 7 years ago

      this is very much true. Guess i'l specialize as an ophtalmologist

    • profile image

      ratilal chavan 7 years ago

      only indian culture can sustain and balance human society

      in future too, irrespective of any religion.

    • profile image

       7 years ago