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8 Signs of a Bad Friend

Updated on June 23, 2013

Many of us have at one time or the other had the dishonor of calling some people our friends based on the kind of characters they had and who they eventually turned out to be. But we are often never sure of who our friends or enemies are till we are either betrayed by them or they just decide on their own to have nothing to do with us again even when there is clearly no problem or quarrel.

But there are some tell tale signs we may have to know not so we can pick out other people’s faults but rather so that we can be forewarned about potential betrayal from so called friends.

1. Keeps secrets about himself and tells lies about what and who he is

Certainly a friend who lies to you especially about himself or private dealings isn’t a good friend. The real reasons most people lie about themselves is to protect their self-esteem. They don’t want to feel left behind or intimidated so they tend to lie about things that make them feel less confident. However some other friends nurse secret ambitions or goals because they don’t want others to share in their prosperity or want to hurt you and will tell lies to cover up their agenda. That kind of thinking is small and selfish and people like these are not interested in shared values.

2. Always seems to remember you whenever he needs you

Do you have a friend who only remembers you when he needs you for something? That is clearly a bad friend. He calls you only when he wants to ask a favour or if he needs to get something from you. Such friends are fair weather friends who only hang out with you when the going is good.

3. Speaks badly of you behind your back

Have you by chance heard a friend make some really unpleasant remarks about you behind your back because they thought you will never find out? That is a true case of betrayal. Try and cut off from that person as soon as possible.

4. Likes to take advantage of you

A friend in need is a friend indeed. A popular catch phrase but do we really know what it means? A true friend does not abandon you at your hour of need that is the meaning of that statement but it does not apply to people who want to manipulate you and abuse your kindness and goodwill towards them. A person who wants to spend your money while keeping his/hers and not wanting to share theirs falls into the group of friends called fair weather friends. They will abandon you when they have the chance to do so.

5. Does not warn you when something bad is about to happen to you

Some friends are so bad that they will knowingly withhold information that can be beneficial to you. They don’t want to warn you of impending danger because they don’t care about you. Such friends will often laugh at you when you slip or even reveal your secrets to people who may want to harm you.

6. Envies you

Are you doing better than your friends? Do you always seem to have what you want faster and more often than your friends or most people? That makes you an easy target of enviers. Understood if the enviers are your enemies, but what about friends? Envy is the number one reason people hate secretly, so your envious friend might hate you so much that whenever he betrays you it will come as a total surprise to you. Be on the look-out.

7. Does not defend you against your enemies

Your enemies are more than happy trying to destroy you. Any chance they have to spoil your name, insult you or inflict injuries on you they grab with both hands. Your true friends will protect you from your enemies and do well to let you know who wants to hurt and why. A friend that doesn’t do this is a bad friend.

8. Secretly wants what you have

Just like envy, covetousness is an enemy’s tool to hurt you secretly. A friend who secretly wants what you have will steal it from you and play his cards right for the right moment to strike.

Tips on how to guard against bad friends

Always be on your guard against friends watching them to know what they really want from you and why they want it.

What are their true wishes for you? Stealthily ask such questions as you interact with them because just when you think you know someone, that is when they shock you with the unexpected.


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