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911 Attacks ... What We Went Through

Updated on March 19, 2011

We Will Never Forget! This photo is from the Public Domain of Dept of Defense. Click the link above to see more Public Photos. This photo is from the Public Domain of Dept of Defense. Click the link above to see more Public Photos.

Many Questions...Video Viewed Over 7 Million Times

Protect Our Small World

My brother was hanging on the outside of Tower One at 4:30 AM the morning of 9/11/01.

He was washing the windows outside the building on scaffolding at the 100th floor.

He was with a team on 7 in addition to him. At 8:30 AM he went down stairs to get more supplies.

By the time he arrived down stairs (it was moments from the time of the planes impact), he felt the impact of the plane. He didn't know what it was, but he knew he felt something enormous, like an earth quake or something.

He said he was standing in the lobby, and the plane hit the building. He witnessed the girl who was seen standing under the falling jet fuel who died later at the hospital. At that point nobody was allowed back up stairs, or out of the building. They were forced to stay in the lobby.

He was unable to reach his window washing crew. He later learned that the crew was on the floor that was directly hit by the plane, and everyone was vaporized. He was the only one left from his crew. When the building began making noises (prior to collapsing) they were able to exit the lobby to the outside. He made it out just in time before the building collapsed, and ran for his life.

We were unable to find him due to no phones working, etc. He walked a very long distance to escape the chaos and find his way home to Long Island. We finally connected late that day, and learned he was alive.

My father however was on a plane at the same moment of the Towers attack, and we couldn't find him either. Unable to get through on phone lines, and the airlines were not really telling you anything, we were forced to wait until later in the evening to learn if his plane was one of the planes that crashed. It wasn't, and we managed to connect hours later.

Too many other people were not as fortunate as us.

It has been a very memorable experience, and I will never forget it. I do believe the facts were conveniently ignored. I recall the Arizona FBI office knew the plans for the attack. James Woods (The Actor) traveled on the same plane as the Terrorists twice, and tried to warn the Authorities of suspicious activity, and behavior with no results.

I have a friend who's mother served the Terrorists breakfast (at the Boston Airport) the morning of the attacks. She too reported suspicious behavior among the group, which also fell on deaf ears. I can recall other incidents on the News channels as well.

I was having a conversation with a man who worked in the Empire State Building who was watching it all take place from the window. He was describing it to me on the phone while it was happening.

There certainly is a lot of events, and incidents indicating there could've been Government involvement. Although I'm sure it will never be revealed, or admitted to. There is much the general public doesn't know. We are a people...kept ignorant. I'm sure the rule of, what they don't know...won't hurt them was applied across the board. Over all in general the public is intentionally allowed to remain ignorant regarding a host of global happenings. The real facts are the vast percentage of what we are not informed about.

Unfortunately we are not safe. We have a pass the buck system. Everything gets shuffled to the next guy in line. Our President seems to care very much about his image, and future fortune. It makes one wonder what other agenda may be at hand. Is it a global fight...or personal? Should people die for this agenda? Could there be deeply hidden facts involved? A tangled web of separate agendas, with a Hatfields and the Mc Coys attitude? Are we now the American Rootin Tootin Cow Boy Society?

People need to pay closer attention and watch what is going on all over. Take extra good care of yourself now that we live with constant global threats of Terrorism. Everyone will need to be strong to face what is ahead in the future. People sticking together, and not being indifferent to others is what will protect us. We actually are all connected in so many ways, and it needs to be remembered, and acknowledged. Protecting each other because no one else will. There is strength in numbers, literally, and mathematically. The whole event can be broken down mathematically, right down to every dollar spent, and earned. Mathematically the equation does not compute...for the people that is.

This entire situation has been forced upon the people to a level of endurance not commonly seen. It has severely altered life in America, and continues to loom in the back of all minds. On a scale of 1 - 100, we know approximately 40%, it's the remaining approximate 60% of the "unknown" that will be the section of ignorance that allows it to happen.

One of my favoite sayings:

What you know...What you will know, and what you're willing to know...Could be intercepted by your ignorance. It's ALL about Math.

To Our People, the Math is to Care About Each Other. Stand up, Speak Out, Talk Back and Let it be known that you "will" get involved in the cause, and add strength to the enormous team of America. A true definition of: "United We Stand". America's real strength, is it's people.


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