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A Message in a Bottle: A Rant on Evolution

Updated on November 7, 2016

The ignorance and juvenile state of the human race never ceases to amaze me. With everyone doing their part to destroy the earth, then waiting for some savior or super hero to sacrifice themselves or get assassinated to save the day. Delusions. Maybe your so called heroes want to have a life for once? Want humans to take responsibility for once.

Want to go home where they belong? And stop being victims of one archaic religion or system or another? Maybe you need to be the hero for your own, instead of passing the buck to someone else? Stop repeating the same old patterns of history and war? Stop being voyeurs and start walking the walk? And stop putting labels on each other and realize this is how it always was. Be secure in your identity and try to evolve?

Stop looking for a prophecy to determine what's next. Start getting involved and choosing a destiny. Stop being a sheep and taking a stand. Cause we all are victims of the same old thinking and patterns. Make a choice for integrity, ethics and morals. Set an example instead of making an excuse. Maybe you have your own super power but choose to be useless? Some survive and are the fittest, because most choose to be foolish. If you dance with the devil, don't be surprised when you lose.

Stop labeling yourselves with a corporate bought brand. What corpse put a price tag on your immortal soul, man? Was it worth the money, applause or prestige, the cost of a wholesome planet and your own land? Who you are now is a result of the choices and actions you take each day. Be a saint or a criminal, you determine the path. You do not need a masters in quantum physics to understand that. If people stopped being wrapped up in ego and pride, stopped looking in the mirror so much or relying on feedback or approval to justify their lives. Don't compare yourself to others, but challenge yourself. Stop seeking external validation, and look towards the inner self. And perhaps you will glimpse that the outer is a projection of the inner. And the force of those thoughts, make you flower or whither.

So if you insist on labels and branding, realize you are nothing but a slave to your own vanity. Cause we all came out of the same primordial soup and traveled through many forms and elements in the pursuit, to live, and experience, to learn and express. To be the reflections of the Creator's ideals. And maybe some choose to piss that away, but in the end it's your life, don't complain at the end of the day.

So you may think the Creator is a him or a her or an it or whatever. Maybe you've been brainwashed by outdated holy books, comics, television and dinosaur relics? If so, maybe you are stuck in a delusional mindset? Maybe try reading some Buddhism, Zen, Tao or Quantum Physics? You know incidentally, it's all the same message. Or are you just sitting there like a red deer with its eyes blinded by head lights? Then you will make a great dinner on someone's dining room table.

And speaking of selfishness, you might be surprised to know, that all the animals you kill, were where you once was. And if they go extinct, you are surely to follow, the past, present and future of who we are always exists in the now. The present moment is all any of us will ever have, and everyone's moments ripple throughout time and all of the galaxies. Everything is connected and based on the perceiver'struth. Is your truth misconstrued by lies, misinformation and illusions? If we are not all on the same page, subjective bias will rule your reality. And you may never know the true meaning of life, if you keep teaching each generation the same bad choices and strife.

Perhaps it is time to make some course corrections? Start leading with dignity, honor and ethics. Be truthful and practical, cooperative and set standards. Stop thinking you are all so very correct, because none of you are, unless you are the whole superconsciousness of the universe. But realize you are but one perspective, so you must do your part to make the best of it. For your children and grandchildren depend upon it. Longevity and immortality are earned through lifetimes of effort and wisdom. There is no fast track to being evolved, the first and the last, was the most consistent of all. For the first and the last, is really no such thing, for those moments reside in an organic string, that you may see as time or events, but realize every time period effects the one before and the next.

So believe it or not, you are still that primordial soup, the cell, the animal and the man, too. What you do to one, you do to yourself, and that's how the multiple dimensions and timelines develop. We can choose conflict and ignorance which always lead to destruction. This should be the greatest revelation for any generation. Because it is truly better to be the best man can be, if you set your standards so low, disappointment is always guaranteed.

A world of delusion, temptation, materialism and misinformation may sway you, throw you off balance and persist to dissuade you. But if you choose the truest path, all mental illnesses, disease, crime, war and suffering would pass. Perhaps you do not even realize you have been fooled, for everyone's consent permitted such ruses. So such devious ruses continue to persist, for it is no one else's fault but the one in the mirror. And the mirror of the computer, cell phone or television is not true. Don't believe the psychotic fantasy, so debased and rude. This only serves to insult our intelligence, demeans and deludes; corrupts your minds and your children and grand children's, too. Turns brother against brother and sister against sister, child against child for which you should each deliver. Your choice, what is next....


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