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A Brief Look at a Few Wholistic Modalities

Updated on January 24, 2010

My Two Top Modalities of the Wholistic Lifestyle

The information in this hub comes from brochures or online sources of each modality, and from a good friend of mine who is also one of my health practitioners. She has nearly thirty years experience in the healing arts, traditional and non-traditional. Over the past twenty years, I have observed and personally made use of these modalities to sustain and attain health for myself and my four children.

We maintained our health with a wholistic lifestyle philosophy. I can attest to the efficacy of these health modalities, the power of one's consciousness and the faith thereof, to stay healthy and safe in what some consider an unhealthy and unsafe world. Optimism is a big plus to your health, along with acceptance of the concept of lifetime learning and desire to change as needed!

At the end of each definition I want to share my experiences with each particualr modality; either my own work with it, or one of my childrens'.

Brain Gym: these activities are 26 easy and fun movements that integrate body and mind to improve dramatically, concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, and physical coordination...just to name a few benefits! These activities develop the brain's neural pathways the way nature does-through movement.

Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison produced the field known as Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) and the BrainGym activities. They were originally looking for more effective ways to help people with what were labled "learning disabilities". In their research, they drew from the extensive body of research from developmental specialists that had been experimenting with physical movement to enhance learning ability.

For over 30 years, BrainGym has been used in 80 countries, in public and private schools, corporations, performing arts and athletic programs. BrainGym International is dedicated to enhancing living and learning through the science of movement.

It is not just for those who need it, it is for everyone who wants to improve and strengthen their abilities. There have been great benefits to those with ADD/ADHD symptoms and a number of other conditions. You can log on to for more information.

Joseph's "Lazy Eye" Back in the day when I was still a newbie to the wholistic perspective, I first began to use BrainGym with my children. My three year old son, Joseph was developing what I recognized was called a lazy eye. Where one eye did not track like the either eye (i.e. following a finger moving in front of his face). One was "sluggish", is how I remember it. There was not a BrainGym practitioner in the town where I was, but I had heard of it and began to read about it. Just using the basic BrainGym Pace activities (what they start everyone on to bring a basic balance) and one or two other specific movements, along with his regular homeschool work, his eye came back to normal.

All I really understood, and so in my own words which may not be exactly correct, was that his brain functions, of both hemispheres, had been unequal and that through the exercises, had been brought into balance. He became a voracious reader within that same the age of three!

Health Kinesiology (HK): is an original and specific brand of BioEnergetic Kinesiology that uses muscle testing/monitoring to gather energy information from the body. Health Kinesiology employs a variety of bioenergetic balancing methods to help alleviate stress and make significant life changes. It has helped many people to eliminate allergies, release toxins, release emotional traumas and overcome learning blocks...just to name a few benefits.

HK is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology as well as Touch for Health. The meridian model of the human energy system supplies the life force to the individual. Doctor Jimmy Scott expanded these disciplines from his base of scientific understanding of the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology and psychophysiology.

Any stressor can impair our energy system, requiring the need to balance the system. Muscle testing provides the monitoring of the energy system and guides to the elimination of the stressors. HK has broad applications ranging from electromagnetic issues to psychological and spiritual one, as well as allergy, detoxification and geobiology.

Learn more about Health Kinesiology at

My Emotional Releases. One of the aspects of HK is for releasing emotional traumas. Having had more than what I considered my fair share of traumas in my life, it was no surprise that this aspect is what muscle testing showed was my need when I first began sessions of HK. Again, in my words of undestanding, having read a lot of self help books, and having no desire to seek counseling help ( I didn't like to "air my dirty laundry" with anyone), I intuitively knew I was beginning to have physical illnesses from the internal stress of these memories of experiences of abuses.

I really wasn't sure what to expect from HK sessions, but went in without any preconceived ideas and expectations. In retrospect, I remember, each session as a gradual releasing of stress energies. The practitioner, and I when necessary, would hold specific acupressure points. As we did this, I was to focus on remembering the abuse experience as best I could. It was homeopathic like, I could feel the rising of the energy stress, sometimes to the point where I thought if it continued I was going to have to stop, but just before it came to that, there was a release. In the first few sessions, it was sighs and silent tears, muscles untensing, and needing to move my appendages (i.e. wiggle my toes or stretch my fingers). Eventually, in subsequent sessions, the cries of pain, not physical pain, but emotional pain came. Sometimes my cries were loud, but mostly they were extremely deeply heart felt sobs...and then would gradually subside. There was never more than I could handle in a session.

I went through a day or two of a kind of neutrality of emotions and thoughts, but always by the second or third day there was an uplifting joy and lightness at the freedom of release! My God, it was awesome! It was a broad spectrum of releases of mind and body and I know spirit, as well. Exactly what I, the individual needed, to process out the stress that was causing my chronic illnesses.

I couldn't tell you every little detail of what I processed out, but those memories of abuses are gone and no longer a stress on my energy system. Though in some aspects of later sessions, there were parts of the memories I had to work on consciously, like I had a life lesson to learn about the interaction and the abuse. Truly, amazing stuff, HK is! I recommend it to everyone!

Now, I also a few years before this, had had acupuncture from an oriental physician. When she placed needles in the assessed needed points, it became a very stressful situation and I had to have her take them out, it was more emotional than I could bear and I was agitated for days afterward. But, like I said, with HK it was bearable. So, I'm not quite sure what that says, either she wasn't a good practitioner, or she had had too much western medicine input that kept her from intuiting all my needs; but in my mind, HK was more beneficial, acceptable and balanced.

Geobiology is part of HK: the study of a variety of enviornmental energies both harmful and beneficial to living creatures. As an aspect of Health Kinesiology, the focus is to neutralize, block, deflect, or transform geopathic (harmful) energies. Both the human and the environment (home, workplace, etc..) can be evaluated for geopathic stress to determine which HK methods are best for balancing, correcting, and neutralizing geopathic energies. See the HK website for more information.

So if any of you can appreciate my personal recommendations on these two wholistic modalities, thanks for stopping by! May you have many good experiences and many blessings come your way on your path to wholeness!


Please contact me if you would like more detailed information and/or personal reference to health practitioners who use these modalities in their practice.

Follow Your Path to Health and Wholeness

When You Make It Your Own, It Will Only Get Better!
When You Make It Your Own, It Will Only Get Better!


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