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A Deconstructionism of Adopted Concepts

Updated on June 9, 2013

This book is about deconstructionism of adopted concepts. My attempt in this book is to remove entirely the word "hope" out of the dictionary or at least a change in definition that is more equivocal than the standard form. I also introduced three theories which my audience should find interesting. The first one is stated as such: Lying is not the enemy of the truth; it is by all means its protector. The second is as follows: There are no good lies without some truth in it. And the last: Since interests are not always revealed until the lie has been exposed, interest must be analyzed with facts in order for all lies to have been eliminated. I also went to a great extent to disclaim the notion that "money is the root to all evil." I proposed that if I love money and I'm the cause for an evil act does it necessarily must relate to money? can an act be evil and yet has nothing to do with money? You'll find the answers to these questions in this book- A Deconstructionism of Adopted Concepts.

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