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A Kindergarten Teacher's Review of EnVision Math

Updated on January 5, 2014

Dear Teachers,

Read my review of EnVision Math, how I implement it in the classroom and it's correlation to the common core standards.


Miss Megan :)

This our school's 3rd year with EnVision math. I have used Touch Math and EveryDay Math in previous years.


I will rate each of my categories with numerals 0-5. With 0 being unusable and 5 being a strong component to our math curriculum and learning experience.


The kindergarten set comes with yellow dice, blue and red foam square pieces, and number tiles. In addition, many of the math centers call for pencils and paper clips.

The kindergarten children quickly become tired of the same manipulatives.

Manipulatives Rating: 1

Learning Centers

The math centers consist of a nicely bound book with thick pages. Each lesson has 2 center pages that coincide with the lesson.

The centers require the manipulatives listed above. Each center uses 1 or more of the manipulatives.

I enjoy that all of the centers are handy and require little to no preparation. However, they as an educator I do not find them engaging.

In the beginning of each topic, there is a list of cross curricular activities (dramatic play, science, reading, fine motor, large motor, etc.) that connect with the math topic. This is a nice addition to the series.

Learning Centers Rating: 2

Daily Lesson

Each daily lesson begins with a problem of the day. A magazine style sheet is available for each student. One the front of the magazine, the teacher guides the children to solve the problem of the day. The back of the magazine reviews the math strategies discovered by the student. The back of the magazine also has practice problems.

The children enjoy the math routine; the flow seems to resinate well with their learning.

Rating: 4

Online Video

Online Resources

On the back of the daily magazine there is a comic strip at the top. This relates to the online video component. I display this video on the Smart Board. The video reviews vocabulary and problem solving techniques learned and discovered on the front side of the lesson.

Online Resources Rating: 5


The topic tests are challenging in that they ask the children to apply what they know, in order to answer the question. Sometimes questions are worded in ways that they weren't during lessons. This tests the children concrete understanding of the skill.

Some teachers find the tests to be too challenging. I find them to be very "common core". They require children to show what they know and why.

Assessment Rating: 5


I no longer order the workbook. Pearson suggests using the workbook as a homework book. Due to the increased demands on a 5 year old in kindergarten, I do not believe in assigning homework. Common core standards require a great deal of work for a young child. I ask parents to make sure their children are playing, reading every night and going to bed early. This is their "homework".

Teachers in other grades find the workbooks to be useful.

Workbook Rating: 0

Overall Rating

Overall, I give this reading series a 3. Unlike other math series, EnVision is not a spiraling curriculum. It does not go back and review past material. There is a resource called "Common Core Review" in the teacher source book. I copy those off for each lesson. The common Core review has 3 questions that return to past material.

EnVision is strong in implementing the common core standards but fails to fully engage students, to my standards.

Overall Rating

3 stars for EnVision Math 2012


Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about EnVision Math 2012. In addition, if you have any comments to add about the series.


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    • Miss-Megan profile imageAUTHOR

      Miss Megan 

      4 years ago from Indianapolis, IN

      I think Everyday Math is overall a stronger program. It like that it is a spiraling curriculum. It seems to have more content. In addition, the students seems to enjoy Every Day Math more. Our school chose EnVision because it brought our students to algebra faster (in the middle school level). The Early Childhood/Primary teachers didn't have much say. Hope that helps!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very helpful review! How oesthe program compare to Everyday Math? Having used Everyday Math, how would you rate it overall compared to envision?


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