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A Pre-Law/Law Degree: More Than Being a Lawyer

Updated on December 26, 2018
Pre-law is a usual major for those want to go to law school.
Pre-law is a usual major for those want to go to law school. | Source
The LSAT was administrated in 1948. Three years earlier, a Columbia Law School admission director named Frank H. Bowles created it.
The LSAT was administrated in 1948. Three years earlier, a Columbia Law School admission director named Frank H. Bowles created it. | Source

Pre-Law Before Law

If being an attorney and/or lawyer is what you what to do for your career, here is how you need to prepare for. It would be a good idea to take a foreign language course. Latin would be a good language study if the institution offering the course and you might could across legal terms that are in the Latin language. Believe it or not there are people who work in law career who were not pre-law majors. Pre-law is typically a college major for those who want to attend law school after college/university graduation. However, there are college that law schools would approve of. Those majors happen to be: Accounting, Communications, Criminal Justice, English, History, and Political Science. There are people who have Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Science, Masters and Doctorate degrees with even the other two are a rarity for law school.

But first thing's first, you got to get through the LSAT. It is a requirement by many schools if you want to go to law school. The Law School Admission Test is standardized test that takes place four times a year. It has 100 multiple choice questions with each section is 35 minutes. You would be tested on analytic reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing. The writing part is not scored and is submitted the law school you applied to.The scoring ranges from 120-180, 150-160 is the average scores and 180 is the highest score. There courses that can help you prepare for this test.

Working Your Way Through

Being a law school student is a full time with in itself. In fact, law school is not cheap. However, you need money to finance your education, pay off student loans, pay bills, support family, survive, etc. Here are some way that earn some money.

1. Become an LSAT tutor. You already passed the LSAT. Now you can help other people pass it as well.

2. Do an internship. Whether it is paid or unpaid, an internship during your summer break would be a good idea.

Post Law

Congratulations! After all the hard work and sacrifice you finally graduated from law school. So, what are you going to do now? You could get ready for the bar exam if you want to practice law in your jurisdiction.

Traditionally or depending on  where you go to law school. your commencement or graduation regalia would have purple on it.
Traditionally or depending on where you go to law school. your commencement or graduation regalia would have purple on it. | Source

Law and Non-Law Careers

Business: administrator, analyst, banker, CEO, CFO, COO, consultant, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, executive, human resources, manager, recruiter, reall estate, trainer

Creative: actor, artist, author, musician, stockbroker, writer

Education: business student, counselor, instructor, librarian, professor, PhD student, teacher

Government: agent, lobbyist, policy analyst

Law: attorney, lawyer, judge, mediator, paralegal, private judge

Media: agent, editor, host, journalist, news commentatator, publisher, writer

Services: fundraiser, motivational speaker, preacher

Law Terms

Amicuc curiae: "Friend f the court."

De facto: "In fact or actually."

De jure: "In law"

De novo: :anew"

En banc: "on the bench."

Habeas corpus: "you have the body"

In camera: "in a camera"

In forma pauperis: "In the manner of a pauper"

Per curiam: "for the court"

Pro deo: "For God."

Pro per: "for one's self."

Pro se: "on one's behalf"

Pro tem: "for the time being."

Sua sponte: "of its own will"

What are you going to do with your pre-law/law degree?

See results

Famous Pre-Law/Law Majors

Matthew McConaughey-University of Texas at Austin

Henri Matisse-

Jerry Springer-Northwestern University

Julio Iglesias-

Rebel Wilson-University of New South Wales

Fidel Castro-University of Havana

Gerard Butler-University of Glasgow

Mahatma Gandhi-University College London

Nelson Mandela-University of Witwatersrand


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