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A Lesson Plan on Antonyms for Primary Grade Students.

Updated on August 3, 2011

Hard and soft. Love and hate. Light and dark. Opposites might not always attract, but antonyms are always necessary for your students to know. Antonyms are easy to teach to your primary grade students. Present them to your students as spelling words that they have to study, or vocabulary words with definitions that must be memorized. Antonyms can even be used as descriptions in students' poetry work. This quick activity is a good way to introduce your students to antonyms.

INTRODUCTION: Write a few antonyms on the blackboard, like and dark, night and day, love and hate, big and small. Ask your students what it is that they notice about these words. Students should be able to see that these words are the opposite in meaning to one another. Ask for some student volunteers to write their own pairs of opposites on the board. After the volunteers have written their pairs, write the word ANTONYMS on the board along with its meaning; words that are opposite of one another.

PROCEDURE: Hand out worksheets to the students. These worksheets should contain fill-in sentences on the left end of the paper, and a list of words on the far right side of the paper that serve as antonyms for the fill-in sentences. As the teacher, you should work on this worksheet along with your class. Coach them on figuring out the correct answer to each question. When students are finished with the worksheets, they are to put the work in their folders.

SUMMARY: Split the students into different groups. Students are to write a short poem that contains antonyms. When the students are finished, they are to read the poems in front of the class.

FOLLOW UP: Students are to review antonyms for homework.


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