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A Lesson on Coupons for Early Elementary School Students

Updated on February 24, 2012

Math should not only be fun, it should be relatable to the lives of the students. Teaching students about the use of coupons can help them learn how their math skills are applied to real-life situations.


Students will learn how to use coupons in arithmetic problems.


One classroom period.


Overhead projector

Sheets of copy paper


Copies of pre-written prices

Sheets of coupons


Ask your students if they've ever gone shopping with their parents and saw signs with items on sale. Most likely, students would have seen these. Ask students what they think a sale is for?

Introduce students to coupons. Have sheets of coupons ready to show to your students. Ask them what they think coupons are used for. Explain to students that coupons are used in the same way that sale signs are, and that's to give discounts on the regular price of an item. Tell students that they are going to learn how to use coupons.


1. Demonstrate to the students on how to use coupons. You should have an overhead projector on your desk, with a white screen over your blackboard. You should also have coupons, a marker, and sheets of copy paper.

2. Depending on what you want to focus on in mathematics, you could focus on percentages or simple subtraction.

3. Write down a small list of prices. Next to the price you've written down, put a coupon next to that price and work that problem with your students. For example, write down the price $10.00. Afterwards, place a coupon next to that price. It could be a coupon for $3.00 off the regular price. Guide the students to come up with an answer, and then write the correct answer down. Do this a few more times, with the same coupon or a different coupon.

4. Have the students break up into groups. Give them a sheet of coupons, and a sheet of prices per group.

5. Students are, in their group, to figure out the problems placing a coupon next to a price on the list.

6. When all of the students are finished with the work, each group should present their work in front of the class. You, as the teacher, should discuss the process of getting the answers with the group and the rest of the class. Problems and answers should be written on the blackboard.


If possible, plan a field trip with your class where a coupon sale is being given. Children should bring their notebooks and coupons, where they must figure out and write down the discounts gotten from their coupons.


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