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A Letter to "Senotiza"

Updated on February 16, 2013

A Letter to “Senotiza”

Senotiza is the name I designate to my Higher Self; writing to one’s Higher Self is one technique to assert self-value; here’s the letter I am writing to Her:

Dear Senotiza,

Greetings to the most highly respected and honored Essence of my total existence.

It has been so long (and long is since I became aware of my being in this dimension called Life) that I so desired to write to you.

There was a whole year in the past when I consistently wrote a letter per day to “God”. I had collected a volume of notebooks reflecting every detail of my life during that period. In my letters to Him were everything that transpired in my life in a daily, hourly and minutely basis.

The most significant results in that consistent writing activity to God for a year is the realization that all my requests and complaints in the deepest sense, (deepest sense means that I was crying when I wrote them) were all answered. I noticed that all my worries and concerns were resolved in due time during the interim.

Such writing activity had actually strengthened my faith to the Most Powerful Intelligence and Existence of Someone or Something beyond the scope of human discernment.

Now, My Most Respected Senotiza, I am resolved to writing to you in a daily basis for a year, I hope you don’t mind.

The decision to write to you after decades of not doing it, despite my intention, comes up because of two reasons, namely;

1. I now have the clarity of intention to pursue the dream that I had been hatching for a long time, and;

2. I had completely developed connectivity to you in which I had learned to acknowledge your presence, and to listen and accept your role as being one with me to live the life that is uniquely and perfectly just for me.

In this letter I have three basic points to discuss with you;

1. First is, to establish and harness harmonious relationships with you and to consult your wisdom about my present situation;

2. next is, to invoke clearing, purging and dissolution of cemented energy in my system that may have blocked me from a swift transformation to the life that I deserve; and

3. Finally, to appeal to your Pure Energy to enact and hasten the manifestations of my life’s ideal scenes.

Relationship with my Higher Self “Senotiza”

Senotiza, you had been hinting me of your presence especially during low times of my life. I had always been amazed how problems resolved themselves at a time when I had given up all my best efforts.

People around me with shallow understanding of the Universal Laws that govern this Universe and its billions of replica including me, may despise and scorn me out of ignorance but I know you are with me and had been with me all the way.

You never fail me. I may oftentimes forget or ignore you because of some pressing situations but you always hint me that you can do better if I listen to you and just follow your guidance.

You never fail me and I am assured of this but I am also aware that you require my patience and perseverance in major areas of my life while you are working at it. My only regret is sometimes you impose hibernation in my material calendar so that I sometimes blow up when I feel that the hibernation period had been prolonged beyond my line of patience.

But I had learned to trust in you. This trust in you is demonstrated at the time when I face life bravely despite its mundane pressures. Pressures in my life in terms of relationships, job, money, health, dreams-goals-plans, and the fallible-untrustworthy people that surround me; yet I can see that these are just incidentals in the process of developing and strengthening my trust in you.

How can I forget this one incident of my life where you took charge of the situation?

I was bedridden for a week, literally with paralyzed arms and legs. I cannot raise an arm to hold a coffee mug. I was shocked in disbelief; I knew it was the consuming grief of losing Colin that killed my desire to live. Nobody and nothing around me including my children can console me, there was just nothing left in life for me. Homeless, jobless, penniless, feelings of being abandoned and left out by my own children, and sick at heart and body; death was the only way out, out from this completely miserable state.

But out of the blue, the news of Escobar being in Angeles City set me on my feet, I instantly stood up as if nothing happened. Escobar, the Chilean Missionary who ordained my Dad long time ago, when I was barely 10 years old; my Dad sent me to the Missionary when I was 15 under the guardianship of Escobar. Escobar who had not visited the Philippines since he left in 1974; I last saw him when I was 16, was in the Philippines at that lowest time of my life and he was looking for me; then followed the call for me to go back to teaching in SPCC with my best friend Ma’am Veron. I started living again since then, alone but back to myself, the Professor Senotiza.

These are just among the many “miracles” or incidents that happened in my life during my lowest times; they are beyond explanation. You hint in me the assurance that “if nothing else works then if necessary, the Universe will summon literal angels to my rescue”.

Senotiza, this letter is already very long and I had tackled only the first area of the subject that I want to discuss with you. My next letter would be about the invocation for purging and clearing.



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    • Globetrekkermel profile image


      5 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      You are welcome, deserve it.i myself is always in awe for all the miracles in my life. I am not surprised at all.

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Hi are always an inspiration, your encouraging comments are invaluable. Thank you so much. God Bless.

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Hi are always an inspiration, your encouraging comments are invaluable. Thank you so much. God Bless.

    • Globetrekkermel profile image


      5 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      With the Man above, You can bet nothing is impossible. There is no substitute for faith and hope. They are as sure as the sun,the moon and the stars. Good job! Voted thumbs up , inspiring and beautiful.


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