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How to Overcome a Midlife Crisis

Updated on September 15, 2015
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How to Know If You are Having a Midlife Crisis

Have you ever come to a point when tequila has already lost its magic appeal on you and all you ever think about is what you have done so far to have a good future? You suddenly feel lost and helpless, realizing you’re not even an inch near to fulfilling your dream, confused that you might not be doing what you really wanted to do. You spend a lot of time lately pondering on your existence and craving for a purpose in life. Well, you might be experiencing a midlife crisis.

Stages of Midlife Crisis

As we age, there are some phases in life which we typically undergo, these are:

Age 20-25 : are our prime years when we just stepped out of college, fresh with idealism, enthusiasm and energy. This is really when we actually learn how to deal with the realities of life.

Age 26-30 : some had already advanced a foot higher on the corporate ladder while others are paving their way to married life. This is when we clarify our plans, take the next step after the basics and hold firm on our priorities. This is when we want to achieve more.

Age 31 & above : Burn-out point/Reassessment Stage/Midlife Crisis

What is a midlife crisis? It is a point in our life when we would come to reassess our past, feel pressured and insecure about the uncertain future. Some happens to feel this crisis earlier than expected that can be called a quarter-life crisis.

Why does it happen? It can be due to several factors like age, lifestyle, self-expectation/s, family or social pressure, rivalries/competitions in the corporate world, comparing oneself to other people, etc.

How to Overcome a Midlife Crisis

First, is to accept that this is just a part of growing up. That everything in this world is constantly changing, technology will become more advanced and people will become more competitive. So why not strive to improve and evolve ourselves to be a better person. Study your options. Others are taking post-graduate studies while some attend to seminars/trainings which are relevant to their interests.

Secondly, forgive yourself from the mistakes and regrets about the past, be it on relationships or lost opportunities. Remember that sometimes we wouldn’t know what’s right if we had not made a few wrong choices.

Last but not the least, rediscover your inner strength and find out your life’s passion. Follow your heart, what have you always wanted to do? Do what makes you happy.

We will pass this life just once, we better make sure that we have live life to the fullest. Life is too short to spend it with regrets so let’s make the most out of it.


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