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Slaves Were BackBone Of America

Updated on February 23, 2015

Thousands of slaves were uprooted from their homes In Africa forced in chains coming to a strange land where they was sold to the highest bidder. Both women and men preformed grueling labor, they were beaten and separated from their the only life they knew. They were transported to America on ships chained together like Animals. Once in America they was taken to a place so they could wash and grease themselves to be auction off to the highest bidder with money. Slaves were taken for granted of because and had no control of their lives, they was totally control by their masters They had to do what they was told of reef the consequences.

Some slaves worked in factories, plantations, harvesting sugarcanes and working on railroads. In hinge sight slave labor was responsible for the growth of the economic in America. For slaves the worst thing they had to endure was not the work but the treatment they was treated worst than animals.

All masters wasn't bad some slaves grow to loved their masters because they was treated with kindness, but not those who wanted to make a profit. Harriet Tubman born into slavery a runaway, was responsible was leading hundreds of slaves to freedom along the ''underground'' Railroad. Slaves was kept in a safe house on their way to the North to freedom. Ida B. Wells an African American activist born a slave campaigned and won the abolishing of lynching.

Carter G. Woodson created Negro History week in 1926 to honor the effort of hard working Africans to the America society, in the past and present who have made a different in the changing of history. through blood, health and tears. Black History Month is celebrated in February all over America, honoring all Afro-American in the past and present.




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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 2 years ago from Boston MA

      February is dedicated to all Afro-Americans in the past and present who took part in the changing of History especially hard working unknown slaves. jada67