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A Persuasive Speech

Updated on February 6, 2012

Quality Time

How to a persuasive speech

Persuasive Speech

I. Introduction

A. “The guys who fear becoming fathers don't understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent”. That was a quote from Frank Pittman’s book, “Man Enough”. Published by New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, in 1993.

B. Do not have kids until you are ready to support them, financially, physically, and emotionally!

C. Karl Menninger says, “What is done to children, they will do to society”. In other words, whatever happens to a child when they are learning and growing, they will do on to others who are around them when they become old enough to make their own decisions and choices!

D. First, I will tell you why it is important to have kids when you are ready, then I will tell you how you can be ready, last I will talk about the outcomes of having kids when you’re ready oppose to not being ready.

E. Children should not have to go through any government or county systems like child protective services, welfare system, and/or juvenile courts.

(T.S; I do not know if anyone can ever be ready to have children but as far as common sense is concerned here are the basic important needs to raising a child.)

II. Financial stability is important when you are considering having a child because you can provide for them whatever they need and whatever you want for them.

A. Do not be a dead-beat mom or dad.

1. Assume your responsibilities by having a job and making money so that you can buy all the necessities that a child needs. In fact, written in the Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN); 06/25/2010 by Ben Jones, The average cost of raising a child to age 17 last year was $222,360.

B. Do not put your child through the welfare system.

1. They deserve the best and should not have to be without. If you are not financially stable, do not bring a child into this world because it is not fair. I am sure you would not want to see your child be the only one with beat up shoes or hand me down clothes on the first day of school. Here is an example of parents who are not able to provide for their children written in the Brisbane 2010, in the article, "Couple on probation after raising children in squalor." the court heard the woman had sought assistance from numerous agencies, including the Red Cross, but had exhausted her options. However, Judge David Searles said it appeared the couple were loving parents but ``simply unable to cope'' with the burden of caring for three young children.

(T.S; another reason it is important to be prepared when you decide to have children, is that you need to be able to be there for them physically just as much as financially.)

III. Being there for them physically is just as important if not more.

A. Quality time spent with your child will keep them off the streets

1. Keeping them off the streets means reducing their chances greatly from going through the juvenile courts.

B. Spending time with them also shows them how much you love them because you value the time you spend with them by teaching them morals.

1. Here is a written piece I took out of a newspaper, by "Paul, Cheston.”CHILD TORTURERS GIVEN FIVE YEARS." Evening Standard 22 Jan. 2010, “With his younger brother, he watched pornography and horror DVDs. His counsel Peter Kelson QC condemned the influence of these "gruesome movies" which contributed to "this toxic home life". In many ways, both brothers were merely imitating what they had seen at home — both in real life and on the small screen. Theirs was a home characterized by "routine aggression, violence and chaos" which led to "a lifelong neglectful and abusive rearing experience", according to child psychiatrist Professor Susan Bailey. Their father, a heavy drinker, repeatedly beat their mother — even trying to burn and suffocate her — and would attack his sons if they tried to intervene. Their mother was a drug-user prone to depression. The brothers progressed from vandalism to anti-social behavior, cruelty to animals and arson. One of the reasons the older boy gave for attacking his two victims was that he was "bored" with home life and there was "nowt to do". He admitted he had only stopped the violence after 90 minutes because "my arms were aching".

(T.S; which brings me to my last main point, do whatever you can to never let your child fall into the hands of social services.)

IV. When you are physically there be emotionally involved as well.

A. When you instill values and are involved with your children, it gives them the ability to overcome anything life throws at them unexpectedly.

1. This makes them strong individuals who can make their own decisions in life. Do not neglect them in any way because once they go through the system, it is hard to get them out.

B. This will benefit not only you and your child/children but it also benefits society in the end.

1. It benefits society because your child becomes a good binding citizen as an adult. This also prepares them to be good parents and raise a child to become a good binding citizen as well! According to Matthew Kelly, in his book, “A Practical Guide to Raising Amazing Children”, published by New York: Ballantine in 2008, the purpose of a family is to help one another become the best version of ourselves and in the process contribute to the greater good of society and humanity.

2. This will guide and prepare them when approached with certain situations like offered drugs, the choice to commit a crime, or whether or not to have sex, etc. according to Elisa Medhus, in her book, “Raising Children Who Think for Themselves”. Published by Hillsboro in 2001, sometimes it may be easier to do things for our children but in the end not letting them think and do things for themselves have negative effects for them in the future.

V. Conclusion

A. What you do for your children they will do for others whether bad or good. First I went over the reasons why it’s important to be prepared, then I went over how to be ready, last I talked about the outcomes of being ready vs. not being ready

B. That is where you come in and can make that difference. Finish school become successful so you can support your family if you decide to have one and you can be there for them physically and emotionally as well! Like Karl Menninger says, “What is done to children, they will do to society”.

C. Conceiving children is not being a parent; loving, teaching, and taking the time is what makes a great parent and good abiding citizens in the near future and further generations to come!


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