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A Rainy Day and A Rainbow

Updated on July 19, 2012

A rainy day & a rainbow

Rain is a source of joy, happiness and felicity for those people who are living in the tropical countries such as Pakistan, India etc. but in colder countries, rain is a calamity for people because it adds so much to their problems. It is a source of difficulties and hardships to those people.

“After the rain, cometh the fair weather”

Many incidents take place in one’s life that are worth remembering and one of the ever-refreshing memories in them is that of a rainy day. Rainy day brings luxuries to one’s life but at the other time bring others the ultimate hardships.

In my life, I have witnessed a number of rainy days that make my life so much rememberable and full of happy memories. But the most memorious day in my memory is in the mid of July in 2010. In July, the sun is on its peak and it throws the blast of heat on the people and the activities of life are reduced to a very large extent. Therefore, in the hearth of the excavating July, a rainy day was nothing less than a blessing of God. It is rightly said that:

“Nature speaks in signs and symbols”

On that day, everyone woke of the threat of a hot day. But unlike our hopes, the slay was covered with clouds everywhere and the cold breeze was blowing as if mind was blowing through the green lush fields. And then suddenly, the clouds started to weep like a crying child and the raindrops reached to the ground one after the other. The drops were like dew drops falling from the clouds. A beautiful scenery was present and all the people were astonished completely at the sudden arrival of rain in the mid of July.

Everywhere people were enjoying the rain with their families it was fortunately a Sunday, and being a weekend my friends decided to celebrate the rainy day fully. We all gathered at the market and then played cricket at the local ground. We all were wet complete and our clothes were full of mud and other rubbish things. But we did not care for anything and continued our joy by throwing water at each other. Then after a bunch of happiness, we went to the market and were entertained by the hot and crispy “Pakoras” and “Samosas”.

I witnessed that everything was at its peak in the surroundings and all the trees seem to be washed by the rain. Everywhere the children were playing with the water that had gathered. But there is another point of view to this scene as well. The temporary and mud houses of the poor people were greatly damaged and for those people these words were of much significance:

“Rain, rain go away come again another day”

After the rain had stopped, everything was still seemed to be at its peak. The rainbow with its bright and beautiful colors had appeared and these colors were attracting the attention of every man. Rainbow is a true blessing of God and it has been rightly said that.

“Look at the rainbow and praise him who made it”

Everything seems to be washed by the rain but we all enjoyed the rainy day very much and I will remember this day of my life as a luxurious day of my life because it has provided me with the opportunity of enjoying the blessings of nature in one day only. It has been rightly said the John Keats that:

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

Written by: Burhan Sharif


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