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A Ruler with the Soul of the Poet: Dubai's Pride

Updated on July 22, 2016

Dubai's pride

Breathtaking views, history maker wonders from manmade islands and luxurious hotels to towering buildings…What else can you ask for? Dubai has them all.

What makes Dubai as it is today has been a product of a single soul’s dream, a dream of transforming a small patch of desert into a most lavish resort and business destination. Through this man’s optimistic and creative foresight, today, Dubai stands as one of the famous cities across the globe.

Who is this man behind the scene? He is a man whose heart and blood do not only belong to the royalties but to his people as well. A man born almost six decades ago but does not falter with age in his desire to serve his people. He is a man who does not only love to serve as a ruler but has also a great passion for poetry. As the famous author Paolo Coelho said in his foreword to this man’s book entitled “Poems from the Desert”: “When a ruler has the soul of the poet, he understands better the needs of his people”.

True are the words of Paolo Coelho as this ruler keeps trying to be of great service to his people, the expatriates, and to those he could reach globally especially the less fortunate ones. Countless are his donations to various charities both locally and internationally. Dubai Cares and Noor Dubai are just some of his campaigns to help educate a million children in poor countries and provide medical assistance to those who need in developing countries.

What made him loved by his people and known around the world? Let the shining lights of Dubai at night speak. Let the majestic towers of Burj Khalifa tell. Let the wings of Palm Jumeirah fly high. Let the sparkling elegance of Burj Al Arab talk. And let the tongues of those he helped through charities share. They will all chatter in chorus the name His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

Amazing Dubai



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