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A School Assembly Is A Great Way To Learn About Inventors

Updated on February 21, 2011

Making Science Fun

Great Inventors School Assembly Program

Reading about inventions in a text book can be interesting, but actually seeing them demonstrated makes the learning memorable.

Dr. Dennis Regling has created a new science show featuring some of the greatest inventors and inventions of all time.

Students will be surprised when a flash of smoke and light sink a battleship in a demonstration of Archimedes' scientific approach to national defense.

A magic box introduces the many inventions of George Washington Carver. Thomas Edison's light bulb and the steam engine are demonstrated as students learn about the scientists and their inventions.

The invention of the Popsicle, earmuffs, swim fins and more are presented in fun and memorable ways.

To motivate the creativity in students, Dr. Regling explains the creative process and the scientific method during the program.

Dennis Regling has been presenting educational school shows for the last 10 years. He has performed in over 1400 schools in 26 states. He can be contacted at for free information about his shows.

"Dear Dennis,  Thank you for your wonderful programs during the 2009-2010 school year. When I became the program director this year, along with being a third grade teacher, it was a given that I would want to book your programs for our 2010-2011 year. You offer such a wide variety of programs, we are able to do this without repeating last year’s venues. You were so accommodating to help me find a science program that encompasses the “Big Ideas” that are mandated by the state. We have booked three programs with you this year and our students will be thrilled with each one. As a teacher and member of the PTA, I want to thank you again for helping me find programs that are so entertaining that the students don’t realize they are learning. Once again, thank you and we look forward to seeing you next school year." Susan V. Neuman, Marion Elementary School, Belle Vernon, PA 


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