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A Sovereign Life - More Freedom, Wealth, Independence, Privacy

Updated on January 26, 2012

International living, global opportunities, offshore services, steps to freedom.

Hello! Here in my second hub, I want to touch on a vast topic that was actually hard to categorize because it involves so many elements. This is an extremely important topic for everyone to consider, and to base many life decisions on. It is your own sovereignty. I want to briefly cover some of the issues you need to address in today's world and then at the end of this article I want to recommend an exclusive information service that I have been a member of for many years.

You are probably already quite aware that your levels of personal freedom and privacy, and your ability to acquire and protect wealth have been eroding almost imperceptibly over the last few years/decades. Laws that have recently been passed severely restrict your financial freedom and privacy, your ease of travel, your ability to make your own decisions on health care modalities, etc. More such laws (which are quietly passed with little publicity) allow "authorities" to detain or spy on people with little or no cause. These insidious changes have been creeping in gradually, with their creators counting on the "frog in a milk bucket" principle, relying on the fact that people don't notice the rising "temperature" and try to jump out until it is too late.

I could write many pages on this subject from my own personal experiences, and the topic comes up spontaneously in my conversations with people everywhere. Consciousness is rising slowly, but are you becoming aware fast enough to motivate you to do something about it?

You are a sovereign individual, born free, and with enough education and the will to implement some strategies, you can remain free. The alternative is slipping further and further into an existence where you are monitored and controlled and restricted. I like the word "structuring". To me this means to purposely arrange your affairs, including where you choose to live, what institutions you choose to bank and invest with, where you choose to seek health care, etc. Each facet of structuring your life could fill a book. The purpose of this article is to hopefully bring the reader to a higher level of awareness and confidence that you can structure your life in a way that puts more control in your hands and less control in the hands of "authorities" who wish to dominate you.

Here are a few things you can start with fairly easily right where you are:

1. Look into ways to improve your internet and cell phone privacy. The amount of monitoring of our activities that is occurring today is unprecedented, unwarranted, and down right scary. I will be writing a hub in the near future on this topic.

2. Realize that your paper fiat currency, whether it is in the bank or investments or under your mattress, is not secure. Bank failures and the potential for economic collapse in your country or on a global scale are real possibilities, and so is good old fashioned theft. Invest at least a small portion of your "portfolio" in precious metals such as gold and silver, or even copper and platinum. Hard goods required in maintaining your household and growing food if you need to live "off the grid" for awhile are excellent bartering "currency". These are commodities that will always hold some value, whereas all fiat currencies in human history have devalued to zero at some point.

3. Start dreaming again about where you would really like to live. Does perpetual springtime weather and a year 'round growing season appeal to you? How about less aircraft buzzing overhead, and no chem trails? Would you like to cut your cost of living in half and still enjoy as much or more of the good things you deserve to be, have, and do? Relocating from the U.S. or Canada to any number of countries in Central or South America will get you closer to that dream.

4. Do you feel you are doing the work you were put in this planet for? If not, it is easier to craft your own niche than ever before, doing what you love and providing a service to others. The internet requires some careful navigating, but ultimately it is a doorway to infinite opportunities that should get you excited once you start letting yourself dream again. I will be writing more on this topic in future hubs - computers and the internet are two of my passions.

Finally, I want to point out how important it is to broaden your perspective. It is easy to get programmed into complacency living our lives in our particular set of circumstances, town, and country. You are reading this article, so you are already doing this, and I encourage you to continue. Read voraciously, download informational videos and watch them until you max your internet bandwidth and your eyes hurt. Investigate all the amazing options that are available to you now that the internet is here. You can live anywhere you want, bank where you want, seek the kind of health care you need and in general live the lifestyle of your dreams. The first step is the hardest because it involves rebelling against your programming and perceived limitations - make the decision that you will do it (because this is your life!) and you will seek out the help you will need to accomplish it (because none of us are islands).

In closing, I want to share one of the information sources that has been the most help and inspiration to me, Sovereign Life. This is a private, members-only resource that contains an incredible wealth of information on living an international lifestyle, 2nd passports, banking offshore (legally), earning a portable income, and improving your levels of personal freedom, privacy, and independence. There are a number of similar services on the net, but I found this one the best value.

Good fortune to you in your quest to create the almost forgotten levels of liberty and abundance that is your birthright.




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