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A Whale of a tail or a whopper of a tale about Whales Whaling

Updated on May 31, 2009

Beached whales and dolphins continue to be beached along the the shores of the earths oceans in the southern hemisphere,australia particularily .Navy sonar has been blamed in the past.Could it still be the cause today or are there other reasons for the beached whales and dolphins? Could it be the lack of food,or could it be a combination of reasons?

The latest beaching takes the total number of whales stranded around southern Australia and Tasmania in the past four months to more than 400 in 2009.

What out for exploding whales in oregon and japan where two recorded explosions ocurred .The one in Oregon was a man made explosion and the one in Japan was from gases that built up inside the carcess of a rotting whale that ignited spontaniously somehow.It appears that internet interest in the stories of the exploding whales has been so intense that reporters are continually calling the author's of the original story of the one in Oregon twenty five years after the fact.Their are videos on u-tube on the subject too.Almost makes you wish you were there to witness the explosion of a smelly rotting whale carcass doesn't it! Not! Well it must be like people who slow down at an accident to gawk at the scene before they go past the rare specticle.

It seems africa is a hot spot for whale s being beached lately also.

why all the beached whales

Why are there so many beached whales around the southern hemishpere

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