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A Focus on Rational Magick

Updated on January 12, 2022
Nyamweya profile image

Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics

An individual who desires to asquint himself or herself with philosophy must be versed with both natural, theological, and mathematical philosophy. Rational magick is an excellent philosophy as it incorporates the three elements of the excellent philosophy: Natural, theological, and mathematical. Understanding rational magick enables one to contemplate the true aspect of nature, most secret things, quality, power, virtues, and substances that other disciplines are not able to comprehend.

Natural philosophy is concerned about the natural things in the world, and an inquiry into their effects, causes, times, events, fashions, events, their parts and whole, and so on. It should be noted here that natural philosophy is the forerunner of most natural sciences including physical sciences. The essence in studying natural philosophy is the exploration of the universe and understanding it fully. Natural philosophy is not only important for philosophers but all humanity living on earth. This is because it is common for most people to base their lives around ideals that explain the nature and reality of their environment and their experiences. Natural philosophy will assist such an individual to discover the quality of things that are extant in the properties of beings or objects.

The essence of natural philosophy can be depicted in the works of Mesmer in animal magnetism. In this concept, animal magnetism is indicated as global phenomena, further indicating the equality of humankind despite the difference of social conventions. However, the discovery of this universal fluid has leveraged the social distinction existent in humankind today. The philosophy by Mesmer reiterated that the individual influence of the fluid had also reinforced its influence on other people. As Bally, noted, animal magnetism could at times be a threat to individuals if not controlled. Animal magnetism can be explained through the existence of a global fluid whereby its effects were felt by the body. Further, such effects acted as a cure for many ailments, especially those associated with the body’s nervous systems, complementing many medicinal therapies in a long-term basis. In essence, the philosophy of animal magnetism has offered a global means of protections and cure for many diseases afflicting humanity.

Although the philosophy of animal magnetism failed to receive scientific recognition, it continues to be used as alternative medicine in some countries. The principle of animal magnetism connects both man and the universe at different levels, cosmological, human, and psychological. It can rightfully be construed that animal magnetism is something where all beings are interconnected with the universe. It should be noted that Mesmer called this matter a universal fluid to describe this phenomenon because he could not find another word for the same. It is the basis of the cosmos and a sort of energy for life. The modern natural philosophy has come to embrace the general principle of the fluid subject, that occupies the entire space. Since all beings in the world exhibit pores, the fluid is capable of introducing itself by way of interstices. Additionally, it is possible for the fluid to go backward and forward through the body currents, typical of a magnet and which come to be referred to as animal magnetism. The constituents of this fluid include spirit, air, fire, and other fluids at the equilibrium level. This makes it easy to conceive the efforts of the body in generating its own electricity.

According to the author of this theory, illnesses are as a result of body blockages with regard to the natural flow of fluids in the human body. Hence, the use of various techniques by practitioners could help restore body harmony. This, therefore, makes the essence of understanding natural philosophy.

Another way on where philosophy has been equally significant is on the subject of the placebo effects. It is through philosophy as Brody (2011) notes that individuals would be able to understand the effects of a placebo. However, scientific medicine at times undervalued the effects of the placebo by dismissing the mind as being contrasted by the body. By dismissing this concept, how then could we explain the issues related to the raising of the death or survival for a long time without taking food or drinks? Scientific evidence has however come to explain that the human mind has a separate power to condition bodily healing. As Brody articulates, the human mind has the power to condition healing to an individual on its own. Moreover, it is able to cause happiness or sadness to an individual. The power of positive thinking is the answer to the healing abilities of the mind.

Theological philosophy on the other hand, is concerned with explaining the nature of God, Divell, Angeles, Intelligence, religion, rites, the soul, religious institutions, observations, and sacred mysteries. Other aspects of theological philosophy include, miracles, faith, the virtue of figures and words, the seal's mysteries, secret operations, ceremonial laws, Theological knowledge is crucial to learn magick records, and sacred memorials laws, equity laws and the rule of religions. Theological philosophy is important for humanity as it tries to answer most of the divine queries posted by man, or at least the principles that led to the answers. Moreover, theological philosophy connects one to his or her maker since God is the origin of all truth. Even an individual with a desire to know some scientific aspect is trying to read God's mind since he is the source of that truth.

There are certain aspects of our nature which man cannot effectively answer without knowledge in theological philosophy. Questions such as the raising of death, which are sometimes experienced in various parts of the world, and how people stay for a long time without food are best answered by divine answers. It is not uncommon for certain animals such as lions to make a life of their death, and they do this by breathing on them. Moreover, there have been incidences of people who have been cast into the fire, slain in wars, drowned in water but were again a life. For people with no faith in divinity, these could be impossible to them, although it’s plain reality. Also provides good examples where a prophet raised the death of a young man by praying to him. Another example is on another man who was suffocated for six months without tasting neither any food nor any drink. Another man also lay on water after being drowned, and as such was not able to neither move nor breathe for two days. Perusing through history, there are some people who had slept together for a long time, and surprisingly, they awoke without any physical change in them. These men however became a life afterward, many other examples of such incidences abound, an indication that indicates that the physical death of a man is not necessarily his end. These factors and elements can only be answered through theological philosophy, which explains how the raising of death and other mysterious factors are made possible through divine influence.

On the other hand, mathematical philosophy enables an individual to understand the number of natural elements in the extension of three dimensions, conceiving emotions and as a course of celestial bodies. The mathematical perspective of philosophy is equally important with regard to rational magic. This is because mathematics brings out the reality of things that exist on the planet or space concerning human beings. Mathematical philosophy brings meanings to objects and beings around us. In essence, mathematics is quite important when it comes to analytical philosophy, as an inquiry subject and in the general landscape of philosophy. Mathematical philosophy is a paradigm of human understanding with the necessary and certain truths of the beings and elements in the universe.


Rational Magic requires that individuals be versed with all the three elements of philosophy: mathematical, theological, and natural philosophy. All these elements are important for an individual to acquire a balanced view of the universe.


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