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A nakade thought taking a bath in a pool of metaphors.

Updated on July 27, 2017
Our decisions are the cause of our abrasion.
Our decisions are the cause of our abrasion.

Wikipedia describ Ignorance as a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word "ignorant" is an adjective describing the state of being unaware, and is often used as an insult. "Ignoramus" is an insult meaning someone who is overwhelmingly ignorant.

We will continue this philosophical concept by examining the word “ignorant” in conjunction with “evil’. From there, what we have noticed is that being ignorant is not a negative attribute for the fact that its purpose is to address what we know from what we do not yet know. How can it be a negative adjective if what is to know was never brought to our attention? We are therefore ignorant of what we do not yet know.

If it is to be negative it must create an effect that brings to mind what we should have known but yet did not know. Meaning that the person who is to be considered ignorant about the condition that preceded him, if he is the cause or the victim of the then the outcome is negative. As the Haitian proverb says “what we don’t know is bigger than us” So, to be an evil person is to be an ignorant person if the cause of evil had been perpetrated actions that were driven by ignorance.

Example: if on 4th of July person (x ) is tricked by his friends to set dynamites next to an old lady’s porch who had been suffered from tachycardia; knowing very well the extent of her condition. If person (x) who knows nothing about this old lady's heart condition set the dynamites off for the purpose of enjoyment which ends up causing the old lady to experience heart failure. Is this not evil triggered by the cause of ignorance? In this scenario we can argue that the cause of evil is not intentional, but nonetheless an evil act has been created, causing an old lay's life.

We can also consider from the above statement that anyone who is ignorant of a future possibility that can cause harm to either the person or someone else, a group of people can to some extent be classified as an evil person. This person is evil not because he or she is ignorant of the consequence caused by his or her action, but because ignorance for most times tends to influence hate. If what we do not know is bigger than us then whatever that we don’t know can also harm us or the least likely help us out of a situation.

Since no single person knows everything there is to know about everything, than whatever it is that a person doesn’t know is defenseless against any attempt that is projected to corrupt his perception. In a sense, we can all commit or assist in the deliverance of an evil act if we are ignorant of the intent behind our actions.

We should keep in mind that we are all ignorant, and that being an ignorant person is not a negative attribute, but one that makes us seems more like a fool in front of knowledge when we pretend to know about something that we have the least comprehension of. But what we are not is "Ignoramus" - as described on Wikipedia, it is someone who is overwhelmingly ignorant on all levels. I think regardless of where we come from, there is always something we know about which we can apply to teach others.

What keeps us from reducing on our ignorance is the unwillingness to want to know. The questions that filters out from the bad reasoning derives from a proposition. The proposition is often not challenge and left to be accepted with all its uncertainties. It seems as though so long as we have questions knowledge will always be one step behind; for the only thing that is limited in knowledge is our inability to access it.

Nevertheless, we have to be careful as to what we mean when the word “ignorant” is used. The evil that is spoken about in this essay can be found in all stages of our lives where true knowledge has been suppressed.

A real education is the only savior to critical thinking folks. After all, if we were all wise men we would all have known enough to know that we don’t know. Life is a learning process, and regardless of our titles we are never too wise to learn something new. However, It is difficult to accept the knowledge that derived from the bottom, because as society dictates it is not how it was supposed to have worked out.

Sometimes we can be too arrogant to learn, it happens to all of us. Self confidence is always a positive outlook, but when too much of it has been manifested in us we become careless on how we formulate our thoughts.

Therefore, truthfulness is the only ladder that can be used to ascend knowledge. With every step we are climbing the awareness that leads us to wisdom. Those who tell the “truth” for the promotion of a better view of societal values have helped prepared the ground for a healthier environment to flourish.

These people believe that any government that restricts the flow of free thoughts cannot be a visionary state. Vision is the ability to see beyond the most common, and the understanding to build on top of prior knowledge.

The naked truth shares no partisanship; its friends are those who are willing to accept the reason when it obeys the rules of logic. Its friends are those who are willing to pay for the knowledge, and its enemies are the very people the truth ought to protégé. This is why in society we have independent broadcasters who are paid by their listeners. It is also the reason why we have social activist speakers, freedom writers and professors from Universities who embraces the truth tellers.

The aforementioned should have led us to one conclusion, and that “truth” is not “free”. Those who speak on “truth” if not financially supported. They have chosen to sacrifice their way of life and comfort for the encouragement of a better society.

If to be an evil person is to be ignorant of the consequences triggered by our causes; then even when evil is done out of self interest if this person was ignorant of the consequence it would become reasonable to think of the word ignorance in conjunction with the word evil. Therefore, any places where ignorance can be found in abundant will exist the most evil. We know that a person who is educationally ignorant does evil from the stand point of interest, but by no means should we conclude that this person was not aware of the consequences which could have resulted from the action.

The only reason why we know that the education that has guided the interest is not bright enough is because its outcome endangers the planet and that of our lives. An essence, we should be mindful of our ignorance for it is the only evil that exists within us. For that reason, we can all commit evil deed if we're not mindful of our ignorance.

Having the courage to admit when we're wrong is right, and it is where learning takes place. To be corrected right by others when done with love is a blessing. But when false knowledge is preached as truthfulness it can cause conflict in the mind. At this point reason can intercept by introducing a valid form of questionnaires into the argument as a mean of acquiring a knowledge that is grounded in truthfulness. Also, having the capacity to prove ourselves wrong is a gifted ability. It proves that we are willing to sacrifice the false ego for the sake of righteousness, and for some people this is not an easy task.

The three fundamental reasons that prevent people from uniting for a common good are: ignorance, interest, and fear. The people can be ignorant of a particular project because of the fear that the interest may not be that promising. Example: The high speed rail project. Therefore, as long as people continues to hold on to personal interest they will always be ignorant of the fear that has influenced their inability to collaborate for a greater good. There can be no interest that is worthy to one person which miserete a population that can be considered a greater cause than that of the people.

The only true power in existence is unity. When the people finally realized that money is the Judas that keeps them from uniting for a greater good, they will end up compromising their indifferences for the betterment of the younger ones. We may have unity among a particular group, but until we can see beyond our indifferences to fight for the greater cause “unity” is no more powerful than money.

There are many people the black societies have claimed as friends of black justice (racism), among which some are our white brothers which at times can be dishonest with us.They have acknowledged that as white brothers they stand for black justice, but yet when we get diagnostic on the issues of injustice they run away like a field slave across the Atlantic. Like Dr. King said " an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

As Dr. Conell West stated "Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public". Not an easy concept to catch at first glance, but if given enough thoughts we’ll come to this conclusion: If we already admit that “peace” is the presence of “justice”, then we can associate love with peace; for any environment that is peaceful is lovable to live in. Therefore, justice is associated with love by way of peace. But as the Africans would say peace isn't a word it is an action. It isn't enough to say that you want peace you have to demonstrate that you want peace.

This is why Dr. Malcolm X said "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today". Come to think of it if even the future is not promising, then why do we think that we are promised equal justice under the law. As Malcolm said “Justice has never been given to anyone who wasn’t willing to fight for it today”. Nevertheless, there are different forms of fighting injustice, the physical fight must always be the last result when all attempt to negotiate has failed us.


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