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A question for the creator.

Updated on November 26, 2011

I know that people may wonder why ask a question to the creator who some people do not believe exists. It is all the same whether there be a creator or not the question must be asked.

This is one of the most important questions that many people have failed to ask because the every often over look it or they just do not think about it. We may wonder the following questions:

Why were we created?

Are we here to live for a while and die?

Some people claim that life was good until Adam and Eve sinned at the Garden of Eden that was when death stepped in.

Alright, but some people have other questions which is why the creator, if he exists, create things and also created what will kill the things he created?

We as humans may not worry because we believe that God gave us authority over the lower creatures and we have the right to feed on any animal or other living thing that is palatable to us and which is nutritive. Likewise we may say that the carnivores have the right to feed on their prey. No matter what we think, preach or teach, some people do not understand why the creator would create enmity among his creatures in that there is always the struggle for survival among the various species.

In my study of some parasites of man, and other animals, I wondered why the creator created such organism like the flukes, tapeworms, protozoa among other infectious agents. Some of these little creatures need other organism for their survival which is the term “parasitism.” A parasite depends on another organism that would provide it with the conditions requisite for its development.

They can have a direct or an indirect life cycle which shows, in case of indirect life cycle, that they creator who is also our creator, created them in a way that they may necessarily need one or most hosts to survive. That is an intermediate host may be involved before a definitive host which must be suitable for the organism.

The organism may not survive if it does not find a suitable final or definitive host. It has also been shown that most parasites and organ or tissue specific. That is the parasite does not only survive in a suitable host but also need a specific organ or tissue for its survival.

The parasite may not necessarily want his host dead since it gets some benefits from the host just as the wild carnivores would keep hoping to find a prey whenever they are hungry. The prey normally fights for its survival just as humans’ fights for their survival with our immune system standing as the fight line of defense although some of these parasites like Leishmania infect the macrophages which are components of the immune system. It is also known that HIV virus affect the helper T-cells.

Some of these parasites also develop means of avoiding the host immune system. For instance, trypanosomes can vary their antigenic determinants which can weigh down the host immune responds. It simply means that as the host fights to survive, the parasites also fight for their survival. This is because each species wants to continue its existence.

The question is why did the creator create these parasites in a way that they must depend on other organism which includes man?

Since it is the wish of the creator that these organisms should depend on us, and cause diseases and infections, depending on the strand, is it right for us to combat these parasites while we at same time depend on other animals for our nutrients?

Is it justified if we deny these organisms what we get from other organism?

Would it not be against the wish of the creator, if we continue fight these infectious organisms that depend on us?

There are many questions we can ask but we know that we have to do everything within our power to continue our existence.

Therefore, it is left for the creator to tell us why he created the carnivores to feed on other animals?

Why he created these parasites in a way that they have to depend on us and other animals as part of their life cycle?

Why we created us in a way that we feed on other animals?

Why did the creator choose to create such enmity among some of his creatures?

If we consider the plants which are also living things in this discussion, then we could only wish that we were created in a way that we never knew hunger but it seems we have no choice in this matter. After all we were not consulted before being created.

We may not get these answers because it is a question for the creator.


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