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A review of Adventist University of Health Science

Updated on August 15, 2017

Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist are people who enjoy a high degree of self-rule and profession respect in their practice which they earn through attending an advanced nursing education program.The roles of CRNAs is to make a close monitor on a patient and checking on the patient body functions to ensure they are running smoothly. With the many accredited and non-credited schools that offer CRNA, it becomes a great challenge of one to choose the right and beneficial program to attend. Gathering information as a potential student is important and this will be conducted by scheduling a visit to the school for observational purposes as well as interviewing the administrator. Acquiring this information will help one to learn the various design that different program has, eliminate the non-credited program and also help the potential CRNA to identify the best program that he or she fits.

Adventist University of Health Science (ADU) is one of the accredited schools that based on faith and offers careers that fall under healthcare.The schools have staffs that have a will to assist students in both academics and other aspects of their lives. This will creates a healthy and conducive environment for the various students who decide to take health course in this university. The academic workload in the school is often intense therefore discouraging and eliminating the lazy students. The school ensures that every student has a chance to complete the clinical hours to make sure that the deliver qualified professionals to the job markets. There are also co-curriculum activities that help in the interaction of students and them also to volunteer to do different tasks as a way of giving back to the society.

ADU offers students with the modern tools to ensure that they excel in their health profession. The University is a religious institution helps the student to grow spiritually. The mission of the school is to dedicate excellence and compassion in the learn of nurse anaesthetist program in clinical practices, studies and acknowledging that the final healer is God himself. ADU emphasizes on the Christian values, while also stressing that commitment should be shown by the CRNA students as this will help in their relation with the patients.Christian teachings are also highly incorporated in the institution program. The vision states the school urge to achieve in transform lives through career practice, research, and education that is performed on nurse anaesthesia.

A students dream can be killed by the school or institutional program design that he or she attends. However, the dreams can also be built and accomplished through going through the right program. The layout of the program contributes in the achievement thou it is not always the case as other factors also influence like passion, commitment, focus, dedication among others. Adventist University of health studies through CRNA has been a good bridge as the studies that they offer are competent and marketable in the job market. They also provide quality education in all health studies regardless of undergraduate or postgraduate education level. This was according to interview carried out to the student who had graduated with an Associate degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The student was proud to have schooled in ADU and had also enrolled for CRNA.


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