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Updated on March 28, 2015


The quality ranges from courses. Some courses only offer to learn via text which may be a disadvantage for some people, while some course offer to learn via animation, video and audio. The course I took was Diploma in Customer Service. The course didn't offer very in-depth knowledge about the topic. It just teaches about the basics. I still recommended doing this course because the course itself is free, but to receive the certificate you need to pay a fee.


The price of the certificate was about $ 100. To be honest, I don't know whether it's worth it or not. Alison is recognized, but isn't accredited. Only few courses offer free certs which you have to print. To get a printed cert for other courses, you need to pay $ 15. Diploma course don't give you the option to print.

Accredited or Not

As said in their website, ALISON is not accredited but is widely recognized. No matter how recognized a cert is, if it's not accredited, it will not get you a job. ALISON is great if you want show additional certificates in your CV.


If you want Knowledge, I recommend Alison. If you want a free certificate, I recommend going to Saylor. If you want a Diploma that's is accredited and cheap go to Groupon and check for discounted courses of the Shaw Academy. The overall course of the Shaw Academy is more cheaper if purchase at Groupon.


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