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A Lunatic Affair

Updated on October 27, 2009

Planning to buy an acre of Land on moon? Think of the Lunar lifestyle...and then decide.

Moon's attraction:

Moon has been attracting the attention of earthlings since they started gazing at it and became more knowledgeable about it. As everyone knows American cosmonaut, Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on moon. As he set foot he said,"That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind." He rightly said these words. Later on many experiments were conducted to find the contents in the Lunar soil. The technological advancements have also helped to find more details and facts related to the mineral composition collected from rock samples.

Water ice existance on moon:

Recently, the Indian mission to the moon, Chandrayaan- I has revealed the fact that there is water ice content in the dark Lunar craters. This has added more pepper and salt to the ideas of igloo construction for human colonization on moon. Some websites have been created just to sell the land on moon. They promise to sell an acre of land for just $29.99. Now, these Lunar real estate sellers are planning to hike the land prices after scientists gave the clue of water ice existance on the Lunar surface.

Environment on friendly it is?

People never think of the pros and cons before planning for the purchase. The Lunar real estate might be beneficial for scientists and cosmonauts. But truly to say it is a real madness for others who plan to buy acres of land there. Instead, the investments on more productive and constructive work here on Earth might be more meaningful and useful for people. The same money can be invested in projects for a pollution free world and to help the poorest nations.

The environment of moon is not so supportive for human settlement. One might struggle to get adjusted to the environment there. Oxygen, water and all the facilities may not help to permanently settle there. Only the crazy rich might think of traveling there to spend holidays. People who think time as precious might not think of traveling to the moon. Cosmonauts exercise a lot to keep themselves fit when they are in space. The density of the bones is lost by the people who are out of the Earth's atmosphere for a long time. Older people cannot even think of staying longer there, because of these problems.

Mental health might not be as good as it is on our planet. Human beings have to create an artificial Earth like environment, as we create artificial sea bottom environment for the fishes in Aquarium. Images of greenery and trees etc. might be all around us just to create that friendly environment. Those barren lands on the moon give no enjoyment even for a casual walk, after a hard day's work. At first it might be somewhat funny but later on we will get fed up of the boring environment. It is just a life of animals that are treated in a cage. Wearing the space suit will be irritating most of the time. Newly married couples better not to think of having any honey moon over there. it's only a big barren land with nothing to enjoy much. Even sex might also be one of those difficult tasks. Just think over it.

The day time temperature on the Moon can reach 253 degree Fahrenheit (123 degree Celsius), while during night it can drop to -387 degree Fahrenheit (-233 degree Celsius). The Earth, which has an atmosphere, has a much more comfortable range of temperatures. Igloo like constructions surely won't satisfy the people of Earth. If there is any kind of virus infection while staying on moon, it might create havoc there and for the effective treatment people have to come back safely once again to the earth. Then only they can think of treatment. Death is inevitable if delayed too much. There is 70% risk and only 30% comfort. Do we need such a lifestyle when we already have a far more comfortable environment here?

Still crazy of buying that acre of Land on moon... and turn Lunatic?


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