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About Ecological Pyramid in Ecosystem

Updated on October 24, 2017

About Ecological Pyramids

Environment is the most important key of our nature. Without good environment we cannot survive in our own planet call world. Everyday environment is changing due to many reasons. Pollution and CFC gas and number of growing people are the main reasons.

Today I am going to tell you about what is Ecological Pyramids is all about. We often hard about ecological Pyramids in TV, conference and environmental summit.

The pyramidal structure of an ecosystem, due to the arrangements of the different tropic levels of a food chain is known as ecological pyramids. Ecological pyramids may be the following types . These are

A) Pyramid of numbers

B) Pyramid of biomass

C) Pyramid of energy

Pyramid of numbers

The numerical relation of the organisms of tropic levels of any ecosystem is known as pyramid of numbers. The number of plants of a forest in the particular area is grater then number of deer in that forest. Again the number of tigers are of the forest are less than the number of deer’s in that area. Again the number of falcon is less than the tigers in that forest. Accordingly in the pyramid grass is in last class, 2nd deer, 3rd tiger and 4th is falcon. This is shown in pyramid picture.

Pyramid of biomass

Biomass is a quantitative estimate of the total mass or amount of living materials. Biomass can be expressed by the total volume, dry weight or living weight of living materials .The determine biomass of the organisms of tropic levels of any ecosystem is known as pyramid of biomass .The biomass of a tree is greater than the biomass of a birds then depends on the tree .Again the biomass of the bird is greater than the biomass of the insect, parasites that depends on the birds in the pyramids. In each tropical level of the pyramids total quantity of biomass is varies.

Pyramid of energy

The total energy of the different tropic levels which is used in ecosystem of a particular area is known as pyramid of energy. A calculation is usually made out of one kilometer area of an ecosystem and a unit time used in one year. The amount of energy collected by organism is more than the energy collected in 2nd organism in the pyramid. Again the 2nd organism energy collected of the tropic level is more than the 3rd tropic level. The 4th organism collected energy in tropic level is least and it is in the top of the energy pyramids.

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    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 

      13 months ago from Hartford, CT

      This is a way of looking at the environment and natural world which I have not heard before. It is a lot of knowledge to take in. I would love to read about how this impacts the world and how it will ultimately affect life on the planet.

    • manatita44 profile image


      13 months ago from london

      I neither like nor dislike it. It is a field I'm unused to and ecology and the environment is significantly important.

      Perhaps you can talk about Ecology and it's benefits or The importance of the environment. Your Hub reads like a consumer approach. Useful but I'm not so familiar and is out of my depth here.


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