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About scholarships

Updated on December 1, 2016

About the different types of scholarships.

Like we said, scholarships are not only available to the smartest of the lot, after all not every student is an academic scholar, some are geniuses in sport, others are geniuses in art, and so on and so on. So, the first question you have to ask yourself when considering applying for a scholarship is, what are your strengths and weaknesses? For the scholarship that would best suit you will fall under the part of your educational life in which you are excelling the most.

Type 1). Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships or merit scholarships are for those who posses the highest GPA's along with the best extracurricular participation. These scholarships seek out the best of the best as they have the highest payout for their receivers.

Type 2). Athletic scholarships.

If you are more so the type of student with strengths in sport, while still maintaining average/good grades, then the athletic scholarship is for you. These scholarships are available in most sporting disciplines and most often require the student to also uphold their academic life to a certain standard.

Type 3). Creative Scholarship.

For those who love the creative arts, or even the performing arts, there are also scholarships for you. These scholarships are focused on any type of creative field that you think you may be interested in. Simply audition and if you demonstrate enough passion and drive for the craft the scholarship will more than likely be granted to you and you will be able to get through University specializing in your chosen creative field free with the expenses taken care of.

Type 4). Community Service scholarships.

If you love to serve your community and have been doing so regularly, then this scholarship is one for you to consider. It is especially perfect for those that are exploring the work and study options. It will absorb the academic cost while you work allowing you to spend your money elsewhere. Most of the time people that explore this option have families and are returning to school to get to another level of education that would allow for a better lifestyle for them as well as their families. Something to consider if you are in this situation.

Type 5). Average academic scholarships.

For those who do not sport a GPA of 4.0 and above, there are still a lot of academic scholarships that are available to you. These academic scholarships consider more than academics when making their decisions, which helps those without the highest grades still recieve some finacial support via scholarship.

No matter which one you end up going for, please always consider the what you are performing well in as well as what you will like to eventually achieve in you life. Both thing will play a major role in ensuring that you chose the scholarship that is right for you, thereby increasing your chances of getting it.

What type of scholarship are you interested in?

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We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future!

— Franklin Delano Roosevelt


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