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What is the number Googol/Googolplex

Updated on April 28, 2012

Not THIS kind of Google

The Origins Of A Googol

Edward Kasner (1878-1955), an American mathematician coined the term in 1938 when he asked his young nephew to come up with a word for a really large number. Another term less commonly used to describe this number is a "10 duotrigintillion."

The Googol was created to help create an image of what the difference between an extremely large number, and infinity was. Naturally this difference was supposed to be as little as possible, but since infinity goes on forever, it is up to the imagination to "see" the difference between this number and infinity.

Another mathematician soon claimed the term "Googolplex", which he said to be 10 raised to the power of Googol.

What is A Googol?

A googol is not a search engine. A googol IS in fact a number. A really, really, really large number...One googol = 1 followed by 100 zeros.


A Googol can also be written as 1 X 10100.

Milton Sirotta came up with the term googolplex, to be 10googol.

Writing out a googolplex in numerals / integers would take up so much room, that the universe can not provide a sufficient capacity. This concept is explained very well on Wikipedia, just search the term "googolplex".

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