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Your ways sons and daughters, they “shall all” return to you.

Updated on November 2, 2011

One's truthful self.

On this beautiful Sunday morning as I sit here in this part of the world known as theUSA, I am carefully listening to my conscience, welcoming those ever so important words of wisdom we have been sharing and engaging in for the past fifty odd years. What it usually have to say to me are the words that many humans are have been foolishly trying to leave behind even sometimes hide in their closets. They rather not speak about it, and the list goes on. I Give Thanks to the Most High God every time for the one he choose to be my mother.

She is caring, unselfish and very strict. She did everything within her ability to have these simple words resonate deep within my core, and she succeeded. Those words were:

“To Thyne own self be True son”

Yes mother after some years later: “It did” it did resonate. Knowing that your methods clearly worked, is the reason that on this present day I am reaping heavily, the benefits of your actions, which was the way you meant it to be.

I am truly best friends with my conscience, and more than anything else in this life it keeps me in proper, truthful and positive frame of mind. Nothing else possesses the ability or power as the Most High God, whom I believe to also be the true power behind ones conscience.

I am not a specialist on this subject on this subject, but being the specialist on the subject “Of Me” I can speak from experience, while sharing what I have come to understand.

I am quite happy that at this age and at this stage in my life; where it’s nothing less than the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction for me to be sitting in harmony with that which others are actually trained in ways of: how to disconnect yourself from your conscience, that truth which in instinctive in every human.

Not that in the past I have not tried that immature scheme while testing the waters. Being a young man during my time presented many challenges and to go against the grain for whichever the reason, the main reason was possible the same reason Adam had for his disrespect and destruction.

“By the sweat of thy brow thou shall eat bread.” During that time I had not as yet recognized, or felt the magnitude, of the power that stands behind my weakness and addiction to punishment that I would be inflicting on myself. The power of darkness, would feed off my ignorance, the “Devil” would have all to gain, when any human lives in the ignorance and blindness while trying to disassociate himself, from his true self.

A state of conflict and confusion.

Something just flashed across my mind. It’s a picture of me as a young boy sitting in my mothers lap, Listening to her, as she teaches me how to say different prayers. I am grateful for that memory, and I Give Thanks because I know that it came from my conscience, seeing that my deepest thoughts while writing this, was about my conscience. Allowing me to always remember the days of my youth and also these present days. Not depending on a book, or some lecture, or anything other than my most truthful and trusted companion and friend which is the Most High God through my Conscience.

It was also during my youth that I understood why the Hon. Robert Nestor Marley based just about all of his lyrics on the Most High through his interpretations of the Bible. Though I am convinced that it was a higher power and even greater surrendering to the higher learning.

I am convinced that he and most of the other great singers who have walked this earth, have also been the very best friends with their truth, which is why their character was always wrapped up with their conscience,

making most of the lyrics in their songs, that of a consciousness.

So am quite happy to remember my days as a youngster and the things that I have done in my life so far. The first thing that coming to my mind is respect and on wavering belief in the Most High God, as it was soundly instilled in my own beginning, and to this very day I pray to the Most High God to remain this same way as my mother reminded.

Give Thanks.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you "AE" and that was no trick. Happy Halloween to you also. You are definitely on point. The answer is quite simple, once you are striving to be the best possible person that you can possibly be, somewhere in there Honesty will have to be your guide, even if it's only the way my mom puts it. "To thyne own self be true" Even if it's only to your self.

      What my mom said many years ago stayed with me to this day. Am happy you usually get the gist of those I put here. They are meant to be understood that way and we will all get better with time. Like riding a bike as I remember you said about when you first started here.

      Pleasure always. PS. Don't you love it when the truth stays the truth and you know it. Like the poem I will soon put out called "I do"

      Gave someone your joke last night, where you were laughing in the church because your heel got stuck.


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Hello Sky, I agree. Our conscious is the best indicator to wrong choices we've made. I know when i do or say something wrong, i immediately know it. When a child is taught right from wrong it is always with him, oh, we may lose our way at times, but the teaching is always there. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Happy Halloween..