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Acoustic guitar playing tips for beginners - Make Learning the Guitar Easier

Updated on June 9, 2009

Choosing your Guitar

Now it may be too late for this step if you have already gone out and purchased a guitar but for those who have yet to go out and buy one here are some tips.

When going out to buy there first guitar and on your way to rocking it out many people look for a relatively cheap and affordable guitar to get started with. They then get the guitar home and have a lot of trouble playing it and they believe its just them and it comes easier to others, Never underestimate the power of a good guitar.

It is amazing how different you will play depending on the type of guitar you are using, you can really tell the difference from using a 100-200 dollar guitar from a 300-500 dollar guitar. So its best not to go too cheap as the best way to start is with a quality instrument.

Digital Guitar Tuner
Digital Guitar Tuner

Tuning your Guitar

Now this is one of the most important parts when it comes to playing an acoustic guitar and unless you've got great ears and have perfect pitch this can be something that can throw off beginner's before they even get started.

There are many ways to tune your guitar and by far the trickiest is to do it by ear and that tuning method should be left up to the experienced players.

A great way to tune your guitar is to use an online guitar tuner to hear the sound of the chord and match it to your one.  give the website below a go

If you gave that ago and you still cant get it right that's alright cause I had the exact same problem that method still relies on your ears to match the sounds and unless your an experienced muso. So the best way by far to get your guitar tuned perfectly is yes you guess it to buy yourself a nice Digital Guitar Tuner simply play the notes next to your tuner and it will tell you if it is tuned correctly. Hooraay finally you can get down to playing without getting put off by the out of tuningness of your guitar:).

Don't Bore yourself to Death

Now a big thing that beginners do when learning to play the guitar is going mad with the chords they practice them over and over and soon they will feel extremely bored. Every now and then its great to pull out a simple song and have a play it can really bring back the motivation and the enjoyment :) and keep you practicing.

Guitar Tabs

Guitar Tabs are another great way to learn instead of learning the chords and reading music the regular way you can read a guitar tab and be on your way to playing songs straight away.

Unlike regular sheet music guitar tabs are laid out so that you can see where your fingers should be and which tab they should be in. This means you don't need to memorize chords just look at the tabs to know where your fingers are supposed to go.

There are tons of guitar tabs out there including guitar tab programs a great site for guitar tab music is

A popular guitar tab is Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson give it a go:) 

Classic Metronome , they are very soothing too like a ticking clock:P at any speed you desire
Classic Metronome , they are very soothing too like a ticking clock:P at any speed you desire


Now you've started playing some basic songs and to get the timing right a metronome is the perfect to device to keep the timing. 

Metronomes can be bought from your local music shop and are relatively cheap. and for an even cheap alternative try a online metronome, you can get everything online these days 

Some people use this little grippers to keep calluses when taking a break from guitaring
Some people use this little grippers to keep calluses when taking a break from guitaring


It's a painful beginning for an amateur rocker:P and building up those calluses is very important for being able to slide up and down the neck without being in constant pain. So when starting out do some work on your guitar just to build up some calluses.

Most importantly don't cut your calluses out as you'll just have to grow them back if they are getting extremely annoying you can always file them back with a nail file , just to smooth them down


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