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Advice from a simple man – Series #1 - Trust

Updated on March 5, 2009

This is the first article in a series that attempts to give common sense and advice in a crazy world.

I have no present agenda or direction to move in.  If I think of a pertinent idea that may benefit someone may find useful then I am going to write it down.


“Never trust someone that gives advice if they stand to make a monetary gain. “


This may sounds harsh and also obvious, but be very careful who you trust if there is any benefit or monetary gain involved for the person giving you information or advice.


Finding out exactly who benefits based on information available is the tricky party, but this is the key to finding and building long term trust.


The next time someone gives you advice then analysis it and break it down. Don’t take their word without checking into it further.


A typical example may be a sales person. If they are paid on commission then they have an incentive for you to buy something so they benefit. This can go all the way from big ticket items like cars down to clothes stores.


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