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Africa Empowerment Communities-Text Books' exhibition and Fair

Updated on December 30, 2013

Africa Empowerment Communities Logo

The Logo
The Logo

Text Books, Reference Books For Africa

Physicians' Desk Review.
Physicians' Desk Review.
Empowering Health Care Givers in Africa
Empowering Health Care Givers in Africa
Soft Ware Engineers' Companion
Soft Ware Engineers' Companion

Supplying Books To Africans From America

Comprehensive Dictionaries with update information and entries.
Comprehensive Dictionaries with update information and entries.
Informative References now that we live in a global world. British English and American English are mutually being used.
Informative References now that we live in a global world. British English and American English are mutually being used.
Copies of American Literature to be sent to Africa as a preparation and appreciation of what made America great.
Copies of American Literature to be sent to Africa as a preparation and appreciation of what made America great.

Books are Paper Gold!

Whereas there is a shift in a paperless culture, Africa has lagged behind because it also requires electricity to run the equipment on which to access e-books. There are other reasons why it is easier to read paper backs than e-books in Africa.

Help us address and bridge the reading culture divide.

Collecting Books To Send To Africa

There are various educational disciplines and different levels of instruction called grades. We have been engaged in collecting books since 2010.

We shall send 1,000,000 text-books to Africa by end of 2015

We are known by supplying text books!
We are known by mobilizing friends/volunteers to collect books for us!
We are known by sending text books to those who need them most!
Help us distribute over 1,000,000 test books to Africa.
The books go to: Libraries, schools and homes.

This is where you come in:

1. You may have books, stationery or other things you want to give out. It is helpful to us as long as it helps a benefactor, student or school.

2. We ask you to enable us collect, package and ship the books.
Have a look at our work so far!

Books Ready For Shipping To Africa

One of the founders of African Empowerment Communities helping in packaging.
One of the founders of African Empowerment Communities helping in packaging.
Books to be shipped.
Books to be shipped.
Books, computers and Television units to be used in promoting a reading culture in Africa.
Books, computers and Television units to be used in promoting a reading culture in Africa.
Books to be shipped.
Books to be shipped.

A Library


-Different people benefit in many ways. The ways include researching and accessing information from books, Internet, magazines, CDs’.

-Students benefit, improve on note-making, reading and listening skills.

-The library will have assistants available to offer after school or holiday remedial assistance.

-In order to enable students improve on their academic performance, there are some criteria to fulfill: preparedness, access to a comfortable reading place stocked with books.

-We hope to open up our libraries and schools to many students. They will receive help in form of remedial and homework programs.

-We shall work with communities under our community attachment Program. In this we shall introduce students to principles of integration in the world of work.

-We shall have a resource center equipped with job placement facilities. We shall help prospective students explore their opportunities while at the same time train them in post graduate qualifications as they prepare for work.

We hope to share a Library/Educational Resource Center that contains all disciplines including: writing, research, theater, cyber programs.

- A Library/Resource Center creates a sense of discovery. It is that opportunity to access knowledge. It is upon the reader to make that information into an intellectual content and wisdom.

Science, Medicine, Engineering, Mathematics and Vocational Courses

Health Care
Health Care
Advanced Biology
Advanced Biology
Religion and Philosophy
Religion and Philosophy
Mathematical Calculator
Mathematical Calculator
More Text Books
More Text Books


Not only will the users find a large collection of books but some of the most sought after text books.

It is our hope that the beneficiaries who visit a Library/Educational Resource Center, will be excited to see the diverse ways people make use of the Library/Educational Resource Center,

it’s about viewing an exhibit, or expressing the culture of a community you might not be familiar with or being a safe place for young people.

It is a place where people will come to be with others.

Through use of the Library/Educational Resource Center, people will have an opportunity to share experiences and fill in each other.

A Library/Educational Resource Center is a transformation institution.

People see the opportunities in how the library/resource center can have an impact on their community’s highest biggest issues.

The Library/Educational Resource Center gives to everyone an opportunity to meet people and participate in a community that may be different from one’s own.

In a library/resource center one is surrounded by books and computers. This is exhilarating and it makes one feel optimistic and have confidence. In this case, it includes having someone in everyone’s life- a librarian- who is there to answer any question one might have, to help one get the information, to suggest to one what one might want read and think about next.

According to John F. Szabo, "we are cultural institution of the world. The challenge is to make sure we are nimble/ resourceful and able to change- from making use of technology to ensuring that the public educational resource center/ library remains that most democratic institution."

Beneficiaries will access well preserved, protected, and organized content. But that will not be all. Users will find opportunities where resource center/ library is a place where people contribute and generate content, where people tell their stories, where the stories will be preserved for time to come.

The fact that the whole world will be at one's fingertips by just walking into it will not only be empowering but also influence the way Africans seek information. This will be a very big shift from the traditional peer to peer, but will involve using concrete references.

Ways of getting information in Africa by students

The following are ways of gaining information in Africa

See results

Some Text Book Titles we have in stock



1 The Living Landscape- An Ecological Approach to Landscape Planning 2nd Ed. Fredrick Steiner.

2 Landscape Management. James M. Griffin.

3 The Art of Landscape- Fundamental Practices & Case Study. Niak L Kirkwood.

4 Western Home Landscape- 84 Landscape Designs over 800 Plants. Creative Home Owners.

5 Landscaping to your Home. - Designing, Constructing & Planning. Catriona Tudor Erter.

6 Illustrated History of Landscape Design. Elizabeth Boutts, Chip Sullivan.

7 Detailing for Landscape Architects- Architect, Function & Constructability. Tom R. Ryan, Edward Allen.

8 Site Planning & Design Handbook. 2nd Ed. Thomas H. Russ.

9 Site Construction Detail Manual.

10 Sit Engineering for Landscape Architects 4th Ed. Steven Strom, Fasla Nathan.

11 Dictionary of Landscape Architecture & Construction. Alan jay, Christen Sen.

12 How to Start a Home Based Landscaping Business. 6th Ed. Owen E. Dell.

13 Permaculture- Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability. David Hulmgren Co-Originator of Permaculture Concept.

14 Landscaping & Architecture Graphic Standards. Leonard J. Hopper, Rla Fasla.

15 Landscape Architecture 2nd Ed. Homes Dines. 16 Urban Landscape Architecture Loft Publication. Email.

17 Landscape Architecture Water featured.

18 Salons & Spas.

19 Outdoor & Kitchen

20 Outdoor rooms.

21 Landscape Graphics.- Grant us plan, Section,& Perspectives- Drawing of Landscape Spaces. Reid Fasla. 22 Landscape Projects.- Planning, Planting, & Building for Home Beautiful Yard & Garden. Reader’ Digest.

23 Drawing the Landscape. 2nd Ed. E. P. Sullivan.

24 Drawing Landscape Chip Sullivan. 25 International Landscape Design. Margaret Cotton Winslow. Architecture of Gardens, Parks, Playgrounds of Open Spaces.

26 Introduction to Landscape Design 2nd Ed. John L. Motloch

27 International Landscape Design. Robert Holden

28 Contemporary Trends in Landscaping Architecture.

29 A Guide to Site Design & Landscape Construction. 4th Ed. Rubenstein.

30 Landscape Construction Drawing Guide.

31 The Herb Design- A Complete Guide to Growing Scented, Culinary & Medicinal Herbs. Sarah Gerlang.

32 The Low Maintenance Garden- The inland Garden. Joy Larkcom.

33 Landscape Construction 2nd Ed. David Santer.

34 Landscape principles & Practices. Jack E. Ingels.

35 Landscape plats- Their Identification Culture & Use. 2nd Ed. Ferrell M. Bridwell.

36 Plan it, Dig it, Build it- Your Step- by Step Guide to Landscape projects. David Santer.

37 Landscape Estimating & Contract Administration. Steven Angley - Edward.

38 Landscape Graphics, Plans, Section & Perspective Drawing of Landscape Spaces. Revised Ed. Grant W. Reed Fasla.

39 Landscape Architecture 3rd Ed. David Sauter

40 A Manual of Site Planning & Design. John Ormsbee Simmons.

41 Landscape Architecture - A manual of Environmental Planning & Design. 5th Ed. Darry W. Stark, John Ormsbee Simmons.

42 Innovative Design to Architectural - European Influenced. Vol 1. Scott Bradstreet.

43 Landscape Architecture Construction & Land repair. 5th Ed. Harlow C.

44 Hardscape Innovative -Hard Landscaping Materials for Gardens. Ann Marie Powell.

45 Selected Plants of Southern California Gardens. Joan Cistom

46 Landscape Architecture . Steven Moorhen.

47 The Sustainable Landscape recycling materials, Water Conservation. Damon long, Darline Claire Prusan

48 Container Gardening 250 Design Ideas & Step By Steps Techniques.

49 Landscape Design & Construction- How to Build Fences, Gates & Walls.

50 Landscape Operations Managerial Methods & Materials . Leroy G. Hanneblim

51 Landscape Operations.

52 The Complete Book of Garden Design Construction & Planning. David Stevens, Lucy Huntington.

53 Landscape Design- more than 300 Specific Design Solutions for your Landscape Jane Bath.

54 Landscape Narratives- Design For Teaching . Mathew Potterger, Jamie Pupnton.

55 Landscape in History - Design & Planning in the Western Tradition. Phillip Pregill, Nancy Volkmann.

56 New Complete Home Landscape . Catriona Tudor Erler.

57 Plants in Garden History- Perolope Hob House.

58 Complete Guide to Water gardens., Ponds, & Fountains, Kathleen Fisher.

59 The Wilder Garden Jane Taylor.

60 Weekend Garden Guide. Susan A. Ruth. Work Saving Ways to Beaches Backyards.

61 Western Landscaping- Western Garden Book. 62 Water Garden Idea Book, Ponds & Pools, Containers & USNS, Plants & Landscape. Leo Anne White.

63 Landscape that Saw Earn & Dollars- How to Save Energy, Time & Money with Effective Landscape & Garden Ideas. Ruth S. Foster

64 The infinity Projects Engineering on Digested Nature.

65 Industrial Lights of Magic.

66 Graphic Designs. Richard Hollis.

67 Engineering- Our Digital Future. Geoffrey C. Orsak, Sally L Wood.

68 Practical Project Management - The Secret of Managing any Project on Time and on Budget. Michael Dobson.

69 Fundamentals of Biochemistry-Life at the Molecular Level. Judith G Voet

70 Electrical Engineering -principles & Applications. Allan R. Hambley.

71 International Dimensions of Organizational behavior. Nancy J. Adley.


-Highway Engineering 5th Ed. Paul H. Wright. Rednar J. Paquetta.0-47182624-3 2

-Transportation Engineering planning & Design. Paul H Wrights, Norman Ashfford.0-471-87874-8 3 California Public Works projects

- Managing Contracts & Resolving Disputes. Earnest Brown.1-929170-00-9

- Construction Supervision. Jerald L. Ronards, Robert O. Segnor.0-470-61496-9

-Design of Highways & Bridges. An LRFD Approach 3rd Ed. Richard M. Berkeley, Jay A. Puckett.0-7804-700066-6

-Work Area Traffic Control Handbook. BNI Builder 7 Rigging Handbook 3rd Ed. The Complete Illustration Field Reference. 1-8872402-8

-Temporary Traffic Control Pocket Reference Guide Book. Dielle Sufey.

-Trenches Technology- Pipelines & Vertical Design Construction & Runway. Mohammed Nageti.0-07-14-66-8

-Highway Engineering handbook 3rd Ed. Roger L. Brockenbrough. 0-07-15976301-8

-Steel Bridges Design & Construction. George Abdes Sayud, Bend Buket.0-07-003021-9

- Construction Equipment Guide 2nd Ed. Daniel A Day, New B.H Benjamin. 0-471-88840-0

-Bridge & Highway Construction, Structure Rehabilitation & Repair. Mohiuddin A Khan. 0-07-154591-4/3

-Highway Engineering Handbook 2nd Ed. Kenneth J. Bredecker, Roger L. Brockenbrough.0-07140080-x

-Technical Engineering & Design Guide as Adapted form the US Army Corp. Flood Walls., Unit Engines. Amuze Solway.0-87262-98-2 16 Design of Pile Foundations . 0-87262-930-9

-Strength Design for Reinforced Concrete Hydraulic Structures. 0-8726-969-4

-Design Construction & Maintenance of Relief Walls. 0-87262-955-4

-Working Guide to Process Equipment 2nd Ed. Norman P. Gerbeman. 0-07-139057

-Operating Techniques For the leader Loades- Tractor Loader. Backhoe. Vincent J. Gibin. 0-91178501-9 21 2012

-The Green Book - Standard Specifications for Public Walls Construction. 1-55701-741-3 Telephone # 1-800-273-7375 22 2009 Ed.

-Standards Plan for Public Construction-Promulgated by the Green Book Committee of Public Standards Inc. 1-55701-657-1

-Public Works Inspections Manual. Silas B Birch, Erik Updyke. 1-55701639-3

-Highway Design & Traffic Engineering Handbook. Ruediger Lawn, Basil Psarianos. 0-07-038295-6

-Highway Materials , Soils & Concrete 4th Ed. Harold N,. Atkins. 0-13-099304-2

-Principal of Highway Engineering & Traffic Analysis 2nd Ed. Fred manning, Walter Kilaneski. 0-471-13085-0

-Excavation Systems--Planning Design &Safety. Joe M. Tuner PE 0-071-49869-9/2

- Temporary Structures in Construction. Robert T. Relay. 0-07-175307-4/9

-Cranes & Derricks 4th Ed. Shapiro Lawrence K. Shapiro, Jay P Shapiro.0-07-162557-9/7

- Trenches Technology- planning, Equipment & methods.. Najib Mohammed. 0-07-176245-8/0

-Highway Reference Book Guide. Steven B Ross.0-07-053924-3 32 Moving the Earth

- The Workbook of Excavation 6th Ed. Nicholas Day, Herbert L Nicholas, David A. Day. 0-07-150267-2/x

-Design of Urban Storm Water Controls- Water Environmental Federation (WEF) 0-07-170444-½

-Guidelines of Engineering Practice for Braced & Tied -Back Excavations. Geo Institution. 0-78440293-0 35 Traffic & Highway Engineering 3rd Ed. Nicholas J. Gerber, Lester A. Hoel. 0-534-38743-8

-Concrete Bridges . V.K Raina 0-07-462349-4

-Bridges & Construction Estimation. David Nardon 0-07-04566-9/0

-Land & Natural Acute Land Coder, Sustainable Land Development. Diane Balmori, Gaboury Benot.0-470-64984-6 Land Development Checklists & Forms. Dodge Woodman. 0-07-1441-73-5/8

-Landscape Surveying 2nd Ed. Harry L Field. 1-111-310608/2

-Land Development Evaluation 2nd Ed. Walter Martin. 0-07-160321-8/2

-Handbook of Transportation & Engineering Myer Kutz. 0-07-139122-3

-Practical Manual & Land Development. 0-07-448661-7 43 Land Development for Civil Engineers. T.R Dion P.E 0-471-43500-7

-Land Development, Planning,& Surveying 3rd Ed.0-471-0437-3

-Greenland developer. R Dodge Woodman. 0-07-159259-8 46 Evidance & Procedure for Boundary Locations 5th Ed. Walter G. Robillard, Donald A. Wid -0471-6447-9

-Residential Land Development R Dodge Woodman. 0-07-144171-9

-Sustainable Residential -Planning, & Design for Green Neighborhood. Avi Friedman. 0-07-147961-5

-Street & the Shaping of Towns &Actions Michael Southworth. 0-07-059808-8 Joseph Eran Bey.


1 Structural Renovation & Building- Methods, Details & Design Examples. Alexander Newman P,E.0-0704-7162-2

2 The Complete Guide to Zoning- How Real Estate owners & Developers can Create & Preserve Property Value. Dwight H.Merriam Faecap-0-07-144379-3

3 Tips & traps for Hiring a Contractor- Expert Advice on Hiring a Contractor Without Getting Taken. R. Bodge Woodson. 0-07-144584-6

4 Craftsman’s Construction Installation Encyclopedia. Stephen Janelle Diker. 157218-151-6

5 The Real Goods Independent Builder Designing & Building a House you Sam Clark. 0-93003185-7

6 Good House Keeping- The Complete House hold handbook. 1-58816696-5 *

7 Criminal Evidence- Constructional principles for Searchers, Seizers Inn 1-933778-389 Rethedge Deuallis R.

8 Residential Streets. Urban land Institute 0-87420-879-3

9 Residential Lane Development Practices. David E. Johnson. 0-07-134985-5 Insurance Restoration Construed Start Up to Success. Paul Bianchone 1-7844-05611-1

10 Building Profits in the Worth Construction Industry. Kubar Miller. 0-07-134985-5 11 Builder’s Guide to Accounting. 1-5721`8-105-2 12 Construction methods & Management 4th Ed SW Nunnally 0-13-570367-0 Urban Construction project management. Richard Lambeck P.E, John Eschemoth 0-07-1544689.2

For more see:

Empowering Communities to Read in Africa

Africans living outside Africa are part of the Diasporas. There are many living in different continents all over the world. This message goes out to them: You all have a role to play to make Africa rise up to the levels and standards of living similar to the countries you call a 2nd home. Join hands with those who have decided to change Africa for the better. This is a model you may like to add your support to. This is what we do at Africa Empowerment Communities.

This is possible by:

1. Establishing an organization that collects, ships and has a depository for books in Africa.

2. Linking with educational facilities

3. Establishing innovative means of popularizing book reading

4. Stocking competitive, cutting edge and well written books.

5. Establish an accessible venue in Africa.


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    • Tom Mukasa profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom Mukasa 

      4 years ago from Lives in USA

      Education for Africans is a burning issue and if unmet it will be the greatest disservice ever.

    • Tom Mukasa profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom Mukasa 

      5 years ago from Lives in USA

      SKabogoza, you are welcome.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thank for all the effort you put in education resourcefulness ,this is very helpful indeed


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